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Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4 has arrived - Compatible with the Outlook Web App or Outlook 2016+ connected to Office365 or Exchange Server 2016. A complete rebuild developed and maintained by SuiteCRM developers, the addon retains previous functionality while massively improves performance, reliability and stability!

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#5291 Bi Directional calendar and contacts Sync - Hey Do you have a timeline on when the Bidirectional Calendar synchronization and Contacts synchron In Progress General Question
#5273 Stuck on installation - Hello, I would like to try your SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin but I am stuck during the installation at mg2 Open Installation
#5266 Accounts/Billing Contact - Hi Support, Could you please supply the contact details from someone in billing, we would like a FibreCRM In Progress General Question
#5262 Plugin is loosing authentication - We are using the latest Plugin 4.2.0 with latest SuiteCRM Version 7.14.3. After login the plugin wor bayoonet In Progress Bug?
#5243 unable to install and configure Plugin and Outlook client - Following the guides as far as the Outlook configuration, and the Outlook Users section is Blank und jditc In Progress Installation
#5226 Outlook Plugin with Office 2019 - Hello, i cant find the outlookplugin.exe. I have already a old one but this makes a lot of proble ithelpdesk In Progress Bug?
#5212 Support for Single Sign On (SSO)? - Does the plugin support installs that are using SAML / O365 to login to SuiteCRM? FibreCRM In Progress Feature
#5143 License validation of Outlook Plugin disappears - again - Maybe my case is similar to ticket [5048]( bayoonet Closed Bug?
#5101 Database Error After Module Installation - 8.4.2 - Brand new installation. Following the guide and got as far as selecting licensed users where I get " purchasing Closed Bug?
#5089 Sync only new incoming and outgoing messages in V4 - How do we sync automatically only new incoming and sent emails in V4? I mean, without syncing the wh agiogoli In Progress General Question
#5079 Have to authenticate each time we have to archive from Outlook - Hi We are trialing the Outlook Addin and each time we have to file an email, we have to authentic Galaxkey In Progress Bug?
#5076 Errors on automatic sync - ~Tue Oct 31 12:31:23 2023 [120182][db9b61ad-5286-ea1d-2700-5c8693c25481][ERROR] fromUser: Conversion agiogoli Closed Bug?
#5050 Suite Crm outlook plugin not working correctly - when i am trying to login it shows me this error **An unknown error has occurred, please check input Haider In Progress Bug?
#5048 Validating License key - We had a good validation when I first installed it 20 August, version 4.0.2. In September, the lice Closed Bug?
#5040 Location of Source Code - Hello, As V4 of the plugin follows the V3 GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) licence model RakataTech Closed General Question
#5037 Outlook Calendar Sync pop up error message - TransmitupdateAction'2 Failed error to sync ron Closed Bug?
#5033 Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe - Hi we were on 4.0.2 but kept getting license error and the Outlook Plugin License Key kept disappea In Progress Bug?
#5030 Suite CRM Outlook plugin not working properly and Auto Archiving - it's giving different error messages - sometime no licenses available and sometime it not showing an ron Closed Bug?
#4989 Office Pro 2019 - Plugin - Still not able to figure out the loading of the plugin using the custom add-in feature. It doesn't scott7 Closed Installation
#4983 SuiteCRM 8 support - what's taking so long? - You market the product as "A complete plugin rebuild developed and maintained by SuiteCRM developers anttinevalainen Closed General Question
#4977 Random search results in the plugin, unable to attach Emails to the desired records - We have a large SuiteCRM installation, and a lot of users are working with the Official SuiteCRM Out bayoonet In Progress Bug?
#4969 Error message SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - I have the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin installed and the SuiteCRM Add-in is also installed in Outlook. Closed Installation
#4943 Getting Forbidden when clicking on the Addin icon in Outlook - Hi I am doing a trial for the SuiteCRM Addin. When I click on the "Authentication/Archiving" addin i Galaxkey Closed Installation
#4935 Replace a User - Hi Support team, how can I replace a user by another? regards LWT Closed General Question
#4926 When will the plugin be compatible with SuiteCRM 8 ? - Hi, I would like to know when the plugin will be compatible with SuiteCRM 8 ? Thanks. sfaure Closed General Question
#4924 Email body is not displayed correctly - Suite CRM 7.13.3 PHP 8.0 We have an issue when archiving an email in accounts or any other categ devteam In Progress Bug?
#4922 Reinstalling plugin from local test instance to hosted instance? Validation step wonky... - Trying to reinstall plugin within the 30 day trial, but running into resistance in the validation st rjoung Closed Installation
#4911 Outlook SAML - When will SAML integration be available for Outlook? In Progress General Question
#4909 Licence key wiped from plugin admin screen - Hi, every few days the licence key gets wiped from our admin config on Suite, which then stops manua jackturner Closed Bug?
#4905 Problem with user assignment - We have been using their plugin for quite some time with 2 users. Both are licensed and use the plug asc In Progress Bug?
#4904 Outlook 2021 does not accept the manifest.xml file as a valid Add-in - I downloaded the manifest.xml file to my laptop for adding the Outlook 2021 desktop. In Outlook, I w Closed Installation
#4898 Authentication in Outlook returns "Not Found" - Api under "legacy/Api" - SuiteCRM version: 8.2.4 Installed on Azure with Bitnami ( jespergran Closed Installation
#4895 subcripiton cancelled - Hi all, regarding the licence key cd67cd7ab391ef958abadf434315f6a8 I have cancelled the subription agiogoli Closed General Question
#4885 Version 4 vs Version 3 - Hi guys, I need t install version 3, because I have outlook 2013. I've recevied the keys for t LWT Closed Installation
#4877 outlook sync scheduler failure - When checking the outlook sync scheduler created from the plugin. It runs the schedulers but status ron Closed Bug?
#4844 Can't get Outlook Plug-in to work - Using Version 7.12.5, Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344). Outlook desktop 365 Follow the steps us kurt1 Closed Installation
#4837 License in Test and Prod Environment - Is it possible/allowed to use a license also in a test environment beside the production environment FLBE Closed Installation
#4834 outlook plugin - put my outlook plugin license key in and says key does not exist chriscarabine Closed Installation
#4833 Outlook Plugin not able to archive when sending a new email or replying to an email - Hello, We were able to get our outlook plugin to work accordingly now, but before we were able to ron Closed Feature
#4804 I have no foud authentification tab - According Your manual "Within Outlook, expand the actions on an Email, and select the new SuiteCRM P MokasIT Closed Installation
#4793 Unkown Error when configuring Outlook - Could you please tell me how to resolve this "Unknown error" that shows after I've entered my creden mustafaalmansur Closed Bug?
#4785 Sync meetings both ways - from / to Outlook - Hello. When I have meetings set to "Both" for sync settings, I am finding that this changes any e joecardamone Closed Bug?
#4780 Suite CRM Outlook plugin stopped working after upgrade Cert on Suite server - It was working before upgrade. in one machine it's not loaded completely and another machine givin ron Closed Bug?
#4776 Not Supported for SuiteCRM-7.13.x - Hello, Once i install the package, it shows the package not supported for SuiteCRM-7.13.x . Ca Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd Closed Bug?
#4774 The current user is not licensed. Please contact your administrator. ONLY in a specific Microsoft 365 mailbox - We have been using the plugin for a good 2 years. For about 3 weeks we have had the problem that the asc In Progress Bug?
#4724 Plug in support associating emails to Opportunities? - When you send an email does the outlook plugin allow you to associate that email with an opportunity Closed General Question
#4686 Plugin Compatible with OAuth configuration - With the latest version of SuiteCRM it is possible to configure an OAuth provider for login. Will th FLBE Closed General Question
#4680 Getting error in office365 web - Pls see attached file, I am getting this error after installing xml file on office 365. I am usin nitinaggarwal Closed Bug?
#4666 Plugin installed - Authentification failure - ![CleanShot 2023-01-17 at 09.14.01@2x.png]( Closed Installation
#4646 Custom Add-IN option not available in Outlook - Custom Add-IN option not available in Outlook. where do I upload manifest.xml file? I am doing a mittalr In Progress Bug?
#4645 Authentication Success - Unable to connect to suiteCRM - Hi I thought I'd start this as a seperate topic. ![Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 22.29.11.png](htt danieltyas Closed Bug?
#4643 Database failure - When adding user to the outlook plugin. I get the following message: ![Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 1 danieltyas Closed Installation
#4641 Configuration failed (in Outlook but the error seems to be in the backend?) - Following the installation instructions failed in Outlook showing the message: "It was not possible FLBE Closed Bug?
#4640 Cannot upload modulo in SuiteCrm 7.13 - In the site the supported Version are 7.10.10 to 7.13.0, but i cannot upload SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugi ghidonis Closed Bug?
#4634 SuiteCRM v8 Support - When do you expect to do support version 8? Will it be possible to migrate all data created with the FLBE Closed Installation
#4631 activating outlook plugin in outlook - Up to this point, I have successfully installed the available outlook plugin in CRM but It seems lik hans2 Closed Bug?
#4607 Only php7.4 is supported, which is now INSECURE (EOL) - Authentication returns "It was not possible to parse your key" with PHP8 or newer, which is a suppor erlend Closed Bug?
#4591 Outlook plugin non working - white page - Hello, The outlook plugin on the pc of one of our users is not working anymore We are using office Italpizza Closed Bug?
#4540 SuiteCRM Add-In not appearing on outlook desktop - Just purchased and am installing the plugin. I successfully created the xml file and installed the peter7 Closed Bug?
#4538 An unknown error has occurred, please check input and try again. / Database failure. Please refer to suitecrm.log for details. - Hello. I have two problems with the plugin installation/configuration: 1) When adding the user un Impulso Tecnologico Closed Bug?
#4522 Persistent license key validation issue - Greetings, I have applied the Microsoft Graph API settings to allow for automatic import which s scottm Closed Bug?
#4520 Outlook 2019 Desktop - 'Add-Ins' Greyed Out - We can't seem to install the plugin. We upgraded to Outlook 2019 but the 'Add-In' tab is greyed out jremis Closed Installation
#4484 Automated Archiving - Azure AD App id/secret help - Hi I want to use automated Archiving so I have setup an Azure account and added an app. But I rea Closed Installation
#4481 Manual Archive - Received Date Time? - I am a few days into my free trial and the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin-in has been successfully installe scottm Closed Bug?
#4435 Module loader won't allow uninstall - Hi We are trying to upgrade to 4.0.1 in order to be compatible with v7.12.x - but we are not able jackturner Closed Installation
#4426 Current user is not licensed - Hello, When I try to connect from outlook, I have a screen that tells me : The current user i vince Closed Bug?
#4415 SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin Error running count query for User List: Query Failed - I just added the Outlook Plugin to SuiteCRM ( Version 7.11.19 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) ) the itdepartment Closed Bug?
#4411 Support for Single Signon SSO? - Are there any plans to support single sign on implementations? Specifically, if SuiteCRM is SSO-ena FibreCRM Closed Feature
#4410 error attaching documents - Hello, I have a problem with the documents that I attach from Outlook mail to Suite CRM. When I fi joseoutonbouzas Closed Bug?
#4403 Unable to "Get Add-ins" - Hi, I've done the SuiteCRM manifest part but everyone is having the issue of not being able to cl Closed Bug?
#4361 Configuration popup not displaying - Hello, I followed the installation process witch is rather simple. When I click on the "Authenti vince Closed Installation
#4284 Outlook 2019 - How can I install my xml on outlook 2019? nehos Closed Bug?
#4281 Where can I find Client ID and Client Secret? - I found the tenant ID from Azure portal but couldn't locate client ID and client secret. The guide [ Closed General Question
#4277 reinstall SuiteCRM plugin on Windows 11 with Outlook 365 - reuse licence? - Hello dear SuiteCRM team, I purchased a SuiteCRM Outlook PLugin license and successfully used it on excentos Closed Installation
#4276 Outlook intstall file missing - Hi I just switched to a new PC, but unfortunately i'm not able to find the install package for the peter Closed Installation
#4274 SuiteCRM outlook plugin v4 doesn't work - After following all the steps in the installation guide i get the following message in outlook: rico Closed Installation
#4273 error during outlook authentication - Hello, after having performed all the installation steps and the creation of the Password Client joseoutonbouzas Closed Bug?
#4247 Unable to authenticate - I have followed the setup instructions and installed the plugin into outlook. I am getting "Client paul8 Closed General Question
#4245 unable to connect - i have followed all the process to integrate plugin but i'm not able to get the access token, i als junaidgemini24 Closed Installation
#4231 Plugin saying I'm not authorized - Hi We are experiencing difficulties getting the Plugin to work. The plug-in keeps saying the "Out Televic Digital Closed Bug?
#4225 Addon not compatible with SuiteCRM 7.12.5 - Hi, Your plugin is not working for the 7.12.5 version. Do you have any other plugin working fbauer Closed Bug?
#4215 Unable to install plugin V4 - I'm using Suitecrm V7.11.22 With Infomaniak hosting. Authentification failed in outlook. I trie damienromanet Closed Bug?
#4212 ADD-IN ERROR: A problem occurred while trying to reach this add-in - Our SuiteCRM instance (v.7.11.18) resides behind our firewall and is not public, but the manifest fi franklinian Closed Bug?
#4195 plugin error outlook - Hello, after the installation of the plugin, the plugin in outlook doesn't work, "plugin error: this joseoutonbouzas Closed Bug?
#4192 Does not work - doesnt support 7.12 run242 Closed Bug?
#4185 Add users to use plugin is not working - I updated the amount of users in the for using this plugin. Then I added NLcom Closed Bug?
#4168 Outlook plug-in doesn't work with Sute CRM v 8 - Plig-in for integration with Outlook cannot be installed. It's a version which is not compatibile wi michalslusarczyk Closed Bug?
#4159 Can't archive the same email twice. First one is overwritten regardless of module - Hello, We use version 4.0 which works fine. Except in this case. **Our goal**: To archive the same mdelfortrie Closed Bug?
#4144 proxy settings in suiteCRM - We installed an on-premise instance of suiteCrm in our local intranet; due to strict security polici lucacolasanti Closed Bug?
#4142 unbale to install - CheckNetIsolation LoopbackExempt -a -n="microsoft.win32webviewhost_cw5n1h2txyewy" unable to solv msergeschmitt Closed Bug?
#4125 SuiteCRM outlook plugin license key issue - Hi Team, We have purchased SuiteCRM outlook plugin version 4.0. We are installing on SuiteCRM ambit Closed Installation
#4121 OutookPlugin for 7.12.1 SuiteCRM - Hello, I have installed the SuiteCRM version 7.12.1 and wanted to install the SuiteCRM Outlook pl ithelpdesk Closed Feature
#4092 Official Invoice - Hello, is it possible to get a official invoice from my order? Thanks in Advance. Best regard ithelpdesk Closed General Question
#4057 Outlook Is not performing well after installing SuiteCRM Paid Plugin - Dear Team, Please take this issue on high priority. We have subscribed Outlook SuiteCRM paid p ambit Closed Feature
#4043 Compatibility with SuiteCRM: 8.0.0 - When I upload the Outlook .zip file to my SuiteCRM install I receive the following error: "The uploa dwiser Closed Installation
#4042 Error install: "The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of SuiteCRM: 7.12.2" - Hello The v4-Plugin seems not compatible with the actual 7.12.2 version? regards F. Jacober fjacober Closed Installation
#4036 Does not validate licenses - After the installation, I enter the license number and click on validate and it does not work Aft byper2005 Closed Installation
#4027 Outlook AddIn Error - Hello, I have installed and set up the Outlook AddIn from Suite CRM. However, I always get the a ithelpdesk Closed Installation
#4022 Outlook plugin V4 issues with SecuritySuite - We are experiencing the following issues when archiving email with attachments from Outlook using V4 Italpizza Closed Bug?
#3969 Archived email format Plugin v4 - Hello The archived emails are not stored in html format, but in plain text. So we are losing al Italpizza In Progress Bug?
#3962 Inability to install SuiteCRMAddin_3.0.22,0.msi on MAC - We want to know how to overcome that problem: "Inability to install SuiteCRMAddin_3.0.22,0.msi " on elenabuglione Closed Installation
#3956 I can't load quickcrm on my laptop, but I can on my IPAD. - "windows app requires a valid quickcrm license" is the message I receive on the laptop. The ipad loa richardw Closed General Question
#3952 Unable to install V4 SuiteCRM plugin - No Valid key + an unknown error has occured,...... - When setting up the plugin on the server Step 5 in installation guide - when typing in license , a itdrift Closed Installation
#3938 Support for Single Sign-on - Does the plugin support SAML? FibreCRM Closed General Question
#3916 Connect Outlook 2019 with lokal Exchange 2016 - Where ist this installation and configuration described step by step? The main docu is obviosly f arnold Closed Installation
#3915 Outlook plugin not working Get Add in error - after following the install instructions I get the below error. "ADD-IN ERROR" slevan Closed Bug?
#3903 Unable to set-up the plugin - I've done everything as described, but it doesn't work. Unable to load the plugin in Outlook, asking gaborkerekjarto Closed Bug?
#3894 Search Criteria: Boolean and wild cards possible? - Hi, We use the 4.0.0 version which works fine except for one issue. Searching by name ('Search Cr mdelfortrie Closed Feature
#3891 Outlook Plugin Authentication Fail - I have completed all the steps in the guide. Everything works until I authenticate in Outlook itsel GaryChapman Closed Bug?
#3885 manifext.xml - Hi there, is it possible to integrated the Authentification details (url, username, client_id, cl Dymatrix Consulting Group GmbH Closed Feature
#3849 Outlook Plugin v4 - One computer was installed correctly, the second outlook instance fails. On the second machine, out Harvey Closed Installation
#3836 Addin not working on Outlook - Hello I have installed the plugin and went through all steps. But at the 13th, when I tried to open jfoussard Closed Bug?
#3805 SuiteCRM outlook plugin Authentication Error - Hi Team, We have installed “SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin_4.0.0” on our local instance but getting ambit Closed Installation
#3782 Custom Modules - Is there any way to add custom modules to the dropdown select within the Outlook interface? info121 Closed Feature
#3731 Need guidance on Installing Outlook Plug-In on Windows - Hello, I’ve been working on trying to install the V4 Outlook Plug-In for SuiteCRM, and I’m stuc michaelkeen Closed Installation
#3716 Issue with user list on licensing screen - Hi There is a bug with the Outlook Users panel that appears on: /index.php?module=Administration& jackturner Closed Bug?
#3712 Error shown - Hello, We purchased and installed this plugin last Monday. Since this plugin is installed in our Televic Digital Closed Bug?
#3701 When saving Email, attachments are not saved - We are testing this plugin. When saving an Email, it seems the attachment that are linked to this Em Televic Digital Closed Bug?
#3699 Logic hooks when archiving - Hi We have various before_save and after_save logic hooks in place, which operate on new emails. jackturner Closed Bug?
#3694 Invalid email warning for sync'd emails - Hi Any email that is automatically archived from 365 into Suite, causes the following error in th jackturner In Progress Bug?
#3693 Current User Not Authorized - Hello. I am helping a customer of ours work through their installation of the Plugin. I had it worki Jackal Software Closed Bug?
#3674 Slim Application Error - Hi, i cannot archive emails - i looked at the request that is send and it looks weird in that Dymatrix Consulting Group GmbH Closed Bug?
#3671 Outlook Add In 4.0.0 - Archive email to multiple records - In the previous version of this plugin it was possible to archive an email to multiple records by us eacosta Closed General Question
#3581 Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - Good morning, why e-mails from Outlook are written in suitecrm in the wrong code page ![strona_k Letras Closed General Question
#3576 Syncing Issue for Apple iMac - Microsoft Outlook - I have read this forum prior to purchase and seen that the outlook plugin should work with Apple iMa NanogreenCleaning Closed Installation
#3521 Calendar sync issue. Only 1 user. - Hi, I'm trying to sync calendars. It works ok for me and one of my colleagues, but when I configu antxoka Closed Bug?
#3507 error message keeps popping up for calendar - ![plugin capture.PNG]( rockyp Closed Bug?
#3503 Create meetings on the calendar and synchronize with suitcrm - ![2021-03-15 15_38_41-Window.jpg]( rimacoca Closed Bug?
#3489 Can not archive emails - ![Archiving-to-a-case.png]( Customer_Support Closed Bug?
#3475 Can't install the add-in from the manifest file - This is the error I keep getting when trying to add the add-in using the manifest.xml file This a amatthews Closed Installation
#3440 Outlook plugin V4 (and V3) issues with SecuritySuite (Sugaroutfitters) - Hello, We are experiencing the following issues when archiving email with attachments from Outloo mdelfortrie Closed Bug?
#3439 Where to put the Manifet file? Does this work with the Outlook App / Office 365? - Hello, I have gotten quite far with the installation of the Add-in but can't seem to find where to DDSN Interactive Closed Installation
#3436 I cancelled and you keep charging me - Hi, I had a subscription years ago, I cancelled a long time ago and you keep charging me. Besid RyanF12 Closed General Question
#3411 SuiteCRM looses Outlook Plugin License Key - This happens every 24 to 48 hours and makes Outlook Plugin practically unusable. **SuiteCRM** Vers anttinevalainen Closed Bug?
#3402 Installation failed whilst adding the manifest file - Hi I received the following message whilst trying to install the manifest file. Do you have any sugg simongripton Closed Installation
#3369 Validation of Outlook Plugin License Key - Hi. Just purchased the trial version... I followed the installation instructions (well written!) rabbit01 Closed Installation
#3365 An unknown error has occurred - After opening case #3363 (InstallationStep6 automatic synch) I tried to install without automatic sy mb3 Closed Installation
#3334 Pricing - Hi, i have an question about licensing/pricing. Do I have to purchase as much licenses as I have mb3 Closed General Question
#3304 Cannot install Outlook plugin v4 - When I try to install the plugin I get the following errors in the suitecrm.log MySQL error 1071: jasonc Closed Installation
#3295 Error when sincronize a modified calendar meeting from outlook to suiteCRM - suiteCRM outlook plugin works great to sincronize email and meeting fromn outlook to suiteCRM. Bu cardinalefrancesco Closed Bug?
#3266 Imap Accounts - Hi there I Bought today your plugin, i set it up, but im not able to archieve anything, then i consu pedrogeraldes Closed General Question
#3261 Error in Outlook - After save a meeting in Outlok appears a error message , look the picture. Can you help me ? Re nehos Closed Bug?
#3259 Unable to load Authentication/Archiving window - Dear Team, Please find below issue description, -We have purchased SuiteCRM outlook plugin V ambit Closed Installation
#3250 Sync Contact and Calendar - The plug-in sync Contact from CRM to Outlook? The plug-in sync Meetings/Call between CRM and Outlo nehos Closed General Question
#3237 Archive in Custom Module - Hi, can we archive mail with custom modules? nehos Closed Feature
#3231 The current user is not licensed. Please contact your administrator. - Hi There I have following all the installation instructions, however i get an error when i try to Customer_Support Closed Bug?
#3209 No Valid Key Found - when trying to validate v3 Outlook Plugin License Key - ![No Valid Key Found.PNG]( Thomas Daily GmbH Closed Bug?
#3182 No valid key - When entering the trial key into the respective textbox and clicking on Validate, nothing happens. cjacob Closed Bug?
#3180 How to get Outlook Addin working with SuiteCRM hosted on IIS (Api routing) - I am hosting SuiteCRM on a Windows Server using IIS. Since the Outlook-Addin uses the SuiteCRM Api, cjacob Closed Installation
#3175 Fails to authenticate for LDAP users - Hi We decided to revisit this add-in by using the newer Version 4, since the last failed to work pr LEAP Australia Closed Bug?
#3136 Archiving question- search results are unclear - Hi, I have a contact who creates lots of opportunities. When i receive an email from the conta info5 Closed General Question
#3135 lots of issues - Hi, I've been using grinmark AESync for quite some time - it has some issues but is workable - is info5 Closed Installation
#3133 What synchronisation features are safe to use with v4.0? - It seems that the user can enable sync features in user settings, although the v4.0 should not yet s anttinevalainen Closed General Question
#3112 Installation Error - Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/Trro74/plugin/app/ to public/plugins/SA_Outlook/ ![Capture.PNG CHRISSHELDON Closed Installation
#3105 Getting plug in v4 to work on my system - Hi. Looking forward to trying out V4 but I cannot get it to work for some reason and am stuck. Im nigelsmith Closed Installation
#3103 Https Access - I read in a review from 2018 that this pluggin dose not support https. Does v4+ support https? ghansen Closed General Question
#3097 Authentification Fail - Dear sirs, after installing the Outlook Plugin for SuiteCRM, I would like to authentificate the Pl julianwegner Closed Installation
#3084 This plugin can be used for the MAC ? - Hi Team, 1. This plugin can be installed in MAC outlook ? 2. MSI file which is shared is for win osman_md Closed General Question
#3079 SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin V4 (Phase 1) - I am using SuiteCRM Version 7.11.15 and trying to install the Outlook Plugin. Everything is going f Hannu Closed Installation
#3066 Outlook COM plugin Error - Hi, I've set up SuiteCRMAddIn_3.0.22.0.msi on my test system and the COM was added as I can see i mikesung Closed Installation
#3065 Not possible to load an add-on in - We use the V3 plugin for testing purposes and now I am busy with this new V4 plugin. I've managed t timo Closed Installation
#3059 Error detected by Application Firewall. Please contact support if you have any questions. - Hi. I installed bitnami suitecrm in localhost and it works just fine:Then I decided to go online crypthoster Closed Installation
#3054 Outlook Manifest File Not Supported? - Hi, I've signed up for a trial and I'm trying to setup the plugin that I've downloaded (**SuiteC mikesung Closed Installation
#3050 Plug-in Trial - I just completed a 30-day trial of the V3 plugin. Since that is now effectively useless, what is the mthomas Closed General Question
#3047 v4 doesn't work with SAML authentication - Hi We're using Azure AD for single sign-on, and apparently v4 doesn't work when SuiteCRM is using TLii Closed Bug?
#3044 Unknown Error - Trying out the v4 plugin, but the plugin fails to authenticate. ![123.png](https://store.suitecrm.c damon Closed Installation
#3041 Azure portal and Outlook 2019 - Hi, in the installation guide i found: "These values can be taken from a valid Office 365 account Lion Solution Closed General Question
#3022 Error archiving from group Mailbox - It appears there is a problem relating to archiving email from a group mailbox, or archiving an emai justinh Closed Bug?
#3015 We can't install the package - Hello, Hello, I downloaded the SuiteCRMAddIn_3.0.22.0.msi file which is a windows installer pack Genius Closed Installation
#3001 I have reinstalled outlook, and the plug-in will not work. What should I do - I have reinstalled outlook, and the plug-in will not work. What should I do andychiang Closed Installation
#2995 Email Sync Errors - We are doing a trial run of the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin. While email seems to be syncing, we are see mthomas Closed Bug?
#2972 Information about release new version - Hi, Can you share the latest information about the release of the new SuiteCRM outlook plugin ver ss_removed_26 Closed General Question
#2969 Error on email archiving - When archiving an email, the following errors appear in the SuiteCRM log: ~~~ Thu Jul 23 10:48:42 Avateq Closed Bug?
#2914 Unable to see "quote" module in the archive pop up window - Hello, I created a new relationship (1 to n) between quote and email and i can't see the quote m Groupe Cahors Closed Bug?
#2880 Sent Items not syncing & Read/unread issue - Hi Team, All of the emails below I have read and replied to and all of a sudden they say unread. htang Closed Bug?
#2810 Plug - TransmitUpdateAction 2 Meetings.... ron Closed Bug?
#2742 Disable SSL Certificate Validation - Hi Guys, We use a self signed certificate for our instance of suitecrm. The Addin does not want to jmead Closed Bug?
#2737 PlugIn blocks my work - can´t do anything when plugin is active contronix Closed Bug?
#2717 does not install - install process does not complete, no dialog box to configure pops up like shown in install guide Joe3 Closed Installation
#2654 Authentification Failed - I wanted to test the trial, but I get an authentification failed. Seem to be a recurrent problem in mmichaud Closed Bug?
#2616 Duplication of archived emails is avoidable? - Hi, will the Outlook Plugin archive emails duplicating them on the CRM? How will it work? Please Lion Solution Closed General Question
#2613 Outlook plugin fail on test - Authentication Failed - I have tried both a existing user and created a new user, but both fail when I try to configure the Bravosolu Closed Installation
#2609 Outlook 365 compatibility? - Dear SalesAgility team, will the new V4 be compatible with Outlook 365? Lion Solution Closed Feature
#2527 SuiteCRM Addin Error - Hello, I have a problem with SuiteCRM Outlook add-in. I have not activated synchronization, howeve jonathantavel Closed Bug?
#2477 Can't log in to exchange server? - Office 2019,, latest Exchange server? daneckardt Closed Bug?
#2457 Archiving Emails do not save attachments - Hello, I am archiving my emails and I noticed that the attachments are not saving onto the SuiteC ANavarro Closed Bug?
#2449 Cant get the plug in to work - The problem: I can’t get the plug in to install on my computer. I keep getting the error message b mgreye Closed Bug?
#2427 Plugin does not find opportunity or record by email - When I'm trying to archive an email, the popup doesn't find any records based on email address. rockyp Closed Bug?
#2370 Plugin becomes slow today - Hi, One of our user report the outlook plugin become really slow. It usually takes 10 sec but tod Nature Closed General Question
#2281 Outlook Plugin Fail To Archive - Good Day! I have just re enabled my installed Add In but got the error shown in the picture. Any Id mike10 Closed Bug?
#2274 No calendar sync error 500 - Sutecrm 7.10.20 outlook plugin does not sync calendar and calls error 500 !! dgrota Closed Bug?
#2263 CC field is not populated - Hi, I am using version 3.0.22 While archiving email with contacts in CC, sometimes CC field in darshak Closed Bug?
#2258 Error when from and CC has contacts from same accont - Hi, When archiving emails using plug in,I am getting following error for few emails while it work darshak Closed Bug?
#2238 3.0.22 - Send and Archive issue - Testing 3.0.22 with SuiteCRM 7.11.7 and Outlook 2016. After composing a new email and click this afatac Closed Bug?
#2236 3.0.22 - Plugin not loaded automatically - The plugin does not load automatically when starting my Outlook 2016. I always have to enable it man afatac Closed Bug?
#2234 3.0.22 - Issue with email attachment - Testing 3.0.22 with SuiteCRM 7.11.7, Outlook 2016. After archiving an email with a few images a afatac Closed Bug?
#2204 Login Issues with Version 3.0.20 - Hi, I have exactly the same problems as described in this link sales3 Closed Bug?
#2187 Outlook 2013 and 2016 API document - Hi Team, Could you please advise where could we find the Outlook (2013 and 2016) API documentatio rahuljain Closed General Question
#2177 Object reference not set to an instance of an object - Hello. PlugIn: SuiteCRMAddIn_3.0.20.0.msi Outlook One year after a first failed try, I am no aureh12 Closed Bug?
#2175 Prefilled e-mail in manual archiving - Hi there, we've got a client with this plugin in use who stumbled upon a recent change or possibl diligent technology & business consulting GmbH Closed General Question
#2168 Trial version - I've installed trial version. After starting Outlook, it receives a message : Licence server respond milek Closed Bug?
#2167 no instalacion file - I deside to try for free but there have no any instalation file or link to it ftom my account beni7574 Closed Installation
#2159 Auto Archive archives every message multiple times - Hi, Auto Archive function archives both incoming and outgoing messages a number of times over and o sviluppo Closed Bug?
#2106 Auto Archive Tab is Blank and getting error :"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" - SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in Version : OS: Windows 10 64 bit Outlook : ![SuiteCRM_OutlookP darshak Closed Bug?
#2096 Can't get Trial to Work - Getting "Key is Required" even though key is provided - LOG: SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In v3.0.20.0 in Outlook version Auto-archiving: off Loggi jim.kramer Closed Bug?
#2091 Sync Selected Contacts Subfolders with SuiteCRM - Currently only syncs default Contacts folder with SuiteCRM Would be very useful to select which f darren Closed Feature
#2089 Connection issue on Outook 2016 - We have a connection issue in outlook 2016. please find the attached screenshot. Help needed Maharshi Closed Bug?
#2081 License fail - Hello, We recently purchased a new laptop. Have removed the add in from old laptop and installed joecardamone Closed Bug?
#2080 Error installing Plugin - Hello, We are installing the plug in the Outlook 2016 and when we are in the connect of SuiteCRM asmed.tinoco Closed Bug?
#2076 Object reference not set to an instance of an object - Object reference not set to an instance of an object it6 Closed Installation
#2075 Error Archiving email - Hi, When we try to archive some email in CRM the following error appear: ![Error.png](https:/ asmed.tinoco Closed Bug?
#2072 Issues on automatic email archiving - Hi, Testing the automatic email archiving, on some message (both with incoming and outgoing emails) sviluppo Closed Bug?
#2065 Error entering to use the plugin - Hello When we try to use the plugin the next error appear: "FetchEmailCategoriesAction failed asmed.tinoco Closed General Question
#2055 Fail to authenticate - After filling in the url, username and password, but failed to authenticate. Can you help to solve wangyijun19 Closed Bug?
#2053 Outlook Plugin Error - I am trying to sync my tasks from the CRM to Outlook using the plugin but am getting the following e akubec Closed Bug?
#2043 eror login - 1. SuiteCRM Version, Suite crm version web based?? 2. SUiteCRM Outlook plugin version, Suite CRM ou bleeker Closed Bug?
#2029 Various issues - L.S., I've been using the plugin for sometime now after purchasing it and it keeps causing a lot ericpijfers1 Closed General Question
#2021 Impossible to rearchive mail after restoration - I had to restore all my web site including suitecrm with a backup 2 days ago. I try to rearchive ma damienromanet Closed Bug?
#2020 Failed while trying to index Meetings System.ArgumentNullException - Hi I have a new problem : when I open my Outlook 2013 pro, this message appears : Failed while Metfab Closed Bug?
#1991 Contacts not syncing automatically (never from SuiteCRM to Outlook) - Dear Sirs, I'm install and reinstall several times your plugin and it never syncronize automatica provexilon Closed Bug?
#1986 Email Sent date incorrect - Hi Support, We are facing an issue with the Outlook plugin. The issue is that Email Sent date in rahuljain Closed Bug?
#1977 Emails are not being marked as archived into SuiteCRM on everyone's machine - Hi there - our users have mentioned that when an email is sent out with many cc'd colleagues, only t chris9 Closed General Question
#1972 License issue - I was moving a license to a new machine and after installing and configuring, it gave a license chec cwonsey Closed Installation
#1968 illogical license error - I tried to install the Outlook plugin using our license but I keep getting error message that licens mdelfortrie Closed Bug?
#1956 Outlook deactivates Plug In every time - Is not really working on our system. If activated, we always get the message "The Plugin slows down wamser Closed Bug?
#1939 LDAP authenication does not work with Outlook Plugin - SuiteCRM 7.11.3 Outlook 2013 32 bits LDAP works fine on the SuiteCRM site but authentication wil aleveille Closed Bug?
#1938 Login Fails with 3.0.18 - Our SuiteCRM version is 7.10.13 We are using Office365 version 1903 - latest build How do we fix GregHorner Closed Bug?
#1911 SuiteCRMAddIn Login Failed - Hello, After installing the latest SuiteCRMAddIn, when trying to connect the AddIn to ou Support IT - BEST Closed Bug?
#1895 - Terminal Server compatibility are coming soon! SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - Terminal Server compatibility are coming soon! Can you give ericvankorven Closed General Question
#1893 License Check failed - L.S., The add-in has been working, and while I'm still in the 30 day trial period I get the messa ericpijfers1 Closed Bug?
#1888 Licence check failed - Even while entering the licence key as per purchase confirmation, I get the error message "Licence c wamser Closed Installation
#1859 SAVE AS NOT WORKING - I have installed analytic reporting tool basic but I cannot create a new report because the SAVE AS ymitha Closed Bug?
#1846 3.18.0 Errors with Outlook 2013 and no feedback on support - I left a message weeks ago repeating an error that another user had with the system not linking and paulcolton Closed Bug?
#1839 Outlook is hanging after installing/using this plugin - Hi there, After I've installed this plugin, my Outlook 2016 is hanging. I had to disable it so I gabrielguimaraes Closed Bug?
#1831 cannot Archive some emails from outlook to suite crm - When i want to archive an email from outlook to Suite crm i receive a popup saying : Archive error . rico Closed Bug?
#1826 constant message about "Login to CRM failed". Cannot close, reconfigure or disbale it. Have to forced closeoutlook - This happens not on only to me, but also with my colleguas (5 pc's). It is more than annoying and if rico Closed Bug?
#1825 Version works not with "LDAP Authentication" - We use the feature "LDAP Authentication" under "Users / Edit / Advanced". With the Version 3.0.11 th Michael Closed Bug?
#1824 License is not valid - After just download the plug-in - Hi there, I've downloaded my plug-in but when I use the activation code from the store, the plugi gabrielguimaraes Closed Bug?
#1821 V causes Outlook to stop resonding when accepting meeting requests in Outlook - V causes Outlook to stop resonding when accepting meeting requests in Outlook. When restat joecardamone Closed Bug?
#1818 License check Failed but purchased license is input in Remote Desktop Server Client of Outlook - Dear Team, We have purchased this plugin, and would like to confirm which URL it needs to access SalomevanWyk Closed Bug?
#1815 Not able to sync meetings from outlook to CRM - SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In v3.0.18.0 in Outlook version I have connected succesfully to juanlopezvillarejo Closed Installation
#1802 SuiteCRM not accepting login credentials. - Trying to login from the outlook plugin returns the following: CRM Server error 10 (Invalid Login): eskiles Closed Bug?
#1801 Outlook will not function without network connection - When plugin is installed outlook will not function if there isn't a network connection. I get an IdealIT Closed Bug?
#1788 SuiteCRM Addin Settings not launching - Hello all, Recently upgraded to and working well. Thanks for fixing the add-in. I do joecardamone Closed Bug?
#1778 Outlook Plugin - Unable to login - Outlook plugin could not construct login request ymitha Closed Bug?
#1769 Settings not working with special characters? - Our normal SuiteCRM users are defined with their Email address as login reference (e.g. first.last@m Televic Digital Closed Bug?
#1757 problem with special characters: all text after a special character is not transferred to CRM - I use SuiteCRM 7.8.5, and Outlook 365 (so always up-to-date version). Plugin itself and archiving w excentos Closed Bug?
#1748 Sync to Outook Mass update alternative - Hello, Do you have a script that I can run to update all Contacts to Sync to Outlook? When I u Dan1 Closed General Question
#1745 Archiving Emails not working - Hi, We have just downloaded the free trial but none of the Archiving features appear to be workin conormcdonnell Closed Bug?
#1733 Installing with Group Policy - Does anyone know if it is possible to install this plugin in a Group Policy environment? cc Closed General Question
#1731 I create an email in my outlook 2010, and I can syncronize fine, but the body of the message? - I use only the outlook servie mail and I syncronize at SuiteCRM, no problem but no copy the body of juanjimenez Closed General Question
#1728 CRM calendar is synchronising to the wrong email account in Outlook - Hi there, I have already raised this on Github: Issue I have 3 email accounts in Outlook. 2 selincampbell Closed Feature
#1727 Meeting invites received in Outlook are not synching to SuiteCRM - Hi there, I have already raised this on Github: Issue Despite 'both' being selected in the s selincampbell Closed Bug?
#1723 v3.0.11 vs. v3.0.17 - I have the 'latest' paid version v3.0.11 (Feb 2018) It is very slow and I have sync issues. I see acatt Closed General Question
#1713 Version 3.0.11 is Unusable with Outlook 2016, Massive Slowdown, Takes Forever to Start, Etc. - Dear SuiteCRM developers, Like others here, our staff has ran into the issue that this plugin ca mwhitlock Closed Bug?
#1701 Office 365 compatibility - Dear Support, In this Outlook plugin I noticed that Office 365 is not supported. Will this be av RasterProducts Closed General Question
#1693 Large number of planned birthday (meeting) records generated by plug-in? - After installing the plugin, I suddenly have birthday a record (status=planned) for each year from 2 stephanuse Closed Bug?
#1688 Plugin returns the accounts that a user does not have assigned - When I'm going to archive a email and search for an account, the plugin returns accounts that a user hiniestic Closed Bug?
#1687 slow startup Oultook 2010 and 2016 x and continual high CPU consumption (approx 37%( - This feedback pertains to SuiteCRM-Outlook Version 3.0.11: I have tested the plug-in under the follo stephanuse Closed Bug?
#1668 Can get info from SuiteCRM but cannot archive - Cannot archive any emails from outlook to SuiteCRM. Please assist urgently. Worked when purchased bu jamesg Closed Bug?
#1641 What is the latest version as of Dec 2018? [Answered] - I was just charged for my Outlook renewal but I have no idea what is the latest version. The latest jrivera Closed General Question
#1627 Outlook CRM Plugin - I can't archive emails to SuiteCRM from Outlook. It does not work one at a time, or by synchronizin SV_Engineer Closed Bug?
#1581 Outlook plugin freezes when activated - The Outlook plugin on Outlook 2016 does not work. Freezes outlook as soon as you activate the plugi RyanF12 Closed Bug?
#1580 could not construct login request - I can not get this to connect with my crm occurance. In log can't create an SSL connection. Help ple don1 Closed Installation
#1566 Outlook 2010 on Citrix - Team, I have downloaded and tested SuitCRM Outlook plugin for Outlook 2016. I have used the same dasithv Closed General Question
#1551 Slow down and crashing of Outlook 2016 with Office 365 - Plugin is causing slow down and crashing Outlook. I see another case that is two weeks old. Has th pmackinnon Closed Bug?
#1531 Email attachments - not in CRM email record - Hi Installed and everything is working with sync etc Only thing is when archiving emails the ' t Closed Bug?
#1526 there was an error while archiving - Hi guys I still can't manage to archive emails into my suitecrm contact from outlook, I keep getting managing Closed Bug?
#1499 Outlook start and slowdown issue across our organization - On all PCs but one within our organization that we installed the plugin on, the plugin is slowing do davidbakker Closed Bug?
#1490 Outlook plugin not saving settings details [Resolved] - The settings are disapeared when i log-in again. Can you please tell me where the settings are bein Milgro Closed General Question
#1487 Impossible de charger la DLL 'tidy.x64.dll' [Resolved] - Impossible de charger la DLL 'tidy.x64.dll' msergeschmitt Closed Bug?
#1486 outlook plugin doesn't work - Dear, I purchased the outlook plugin, but cannot get it to work. Would it be possible to get a ref peterblanckaert1 Closed Installation
#1483 purchased outlook plugin - license not accepted in OUtlook - hi, I purchased your outlook plugin, but the license is not accepted... Thanks in advance! Ki peterblanckaert1 Closed Installation
#1464 Not connecting to SuiteCRM from Outlook-Plugin with TLS 1.1 and higher?? - Hello, I've installed SuiteCRM on a Webserver, that only uses TLS 1.2. But the Outlookplugin doesn' theatreSchotte Closed Bug?
#1451 Works with Outlook for Mac [Duplicate] - Does it plugin work with Outlook for Mac? saleswarroom Closed Feature
#1448 takes a long time (up to 5 minutes) to start outlook since i installed the plugin - takes a long time (up to 5 minutes) to start outlook since i installed the plugin alsom outlook n rico Closed Bug?
#1447 Calendar Outlook is not syncing to SuiteCRM - I am using office 2016. Syncing from the agenda from suitcrm to outlook seems to go fine (except tha rico Closed Bug?
#1446 Custom module [Duplicate] - Hi, We've been testing the outlook plugin in our environment and I can't see how we can save emai david11 Closed General Question
#1419 Outlook Plugin setting do not work - When I click on the settings tab on the SuiteCRM tab in Outlook nothing happens. When I click on tony1 Closed Bug?
#1398 Reminder for meeting can't be removed/closed - A reminder for an held meeting keep apearing every few minutes. I've removed the reminder in the app hikkemikke Closed Bug?
#1390 Location of "Sync to Outlook®:" field in database [Answered] - I need to update the checkbox on about 6000 contacts from unchecked to checked. I want to update th hbar Closed General Question
#1377 Could not construct 'login' request - I have just downloaded the plugin and tried to connect to my suitecrm site, but got an error "Unable earlten7 Closed Bug?
#1374 Suite CRM Outlook Plugin not synchronizing contacts - We have test installing both outlook plugin paid version and the opensource one on outlook 2016 .but nickr Closed Bug?
#1367 how do i cancel my trial - I can't find where to cancel my trial. how do I do this? angelahaverly Closed General Question
#1355 SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in causes Outlook to run very slow and deletes Outlook appointments - Hello, We currently use SuiteCRM 7.10.7 and SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In Having two issue: joecardamone Closed Bug?
#1349 Not able to See thing in Outlook Itself [Invalid] - Hi Team, This plugin is not useful because it is not having side panel access for all CRM Activit Anita Closed Installation
#1341 Outlook Plugin Message Body Blank - Messages containing HTML are being Stripped of the entire body upon archive into SuiteCRM. This i IdealIT Closed Bug?
#1339 Error: Failure while trying to authenticate to CRM - I've been using this add-on for over a year now. Nothing has changed, but now it's suddenly telling grant Closed Bug?
#1338 Refund license cost - Hello, We're not quite ready to roll out our CRM under development, and I missed the free trial d davidbakker Closed Installation
#1323 Sync from Outlook to SuiteCRM does not work. - Hello, I just bought the thing but nomatter what i do, it won't put the contacts from outlook into Teun Closed General Question
#1316 Jams up Outlook and will not load. - The installation Jams up Outlook and it will not allow Outlook to open. ??? I see similar issues is MartyC Closed Installation
#1315 SuiteCRM Plugin Disappeared - Dear Sir/Madam, I recently signed-up for the trial period for the CRM Plugin and even provided my robertgonzalez Closed Installation
#1312 Not Able To Sync Contact from outlook - Dear Team, i had just recently buy a 30 days trial license and installed on users pc, but the probl Anita Closed Installation
#1310 Outlook plugin not accepting the license code - The Outlook plugin is not accepting the license code as valid. Venturedyne Closed Installation
#1306 Unable to load DLL 'tidy.x64.dll' - Hi, I am getting an error saying that "Unable to load DLL 'tidy.x64.dll'", is there a file location burakinal Closed Bug?
#1301 Failing Outlook Plug in Initialization - Error message comes up when I try to begin the set up process of my Outlook Plug in inside outlook. angelahaverly Closed General Question
#1300 Contact - I no longer use SUITE CRM and I had inadvertently forgotten to cancel my subscription for the Outloo michael2 Closed General Question
#1285 Suitecrm displaying incorrect email created by SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In - Hello, Currently using plugin with SuiteCRM 7.10.7 When I archive an email, it archives and di joecardamone Closed Bug?
#1280 JSON parse error - While trying to logon to SuiteCRM from Outllok (first configuration) I'm receiving error as follows: biuro1 Closed Bug?
#1277 Unable to load DLL 'tidy.x64.dll' - I know this is already a known issue, but the complete lack of support for this warrants another cas PDXchris Closed Bug?
#1276 Could not construct 'login' request - This comes up and I know I have the correct URL, username, password and License Key. I'm using Outlo mcpacific Closed Bug?
#1275 Outlook plugin query - Hello, We have a question from a new customer who may use the plugin. A number of users will be RakataTech Closed General Question
#1269 Convert my trial to paid subscription - I want to move from a free trial to paid subscription. I can't find a way to do that; the pricing p plowman Closed General Question
#1268 there was an error while archiving - Hello. Just installed the plugin on OUTLOOK 2016 latest version. All setting are correct and plu Asiaction Closed Bug?
#1261 Renew trial - Hello, We discontinued our trial of this plugin because we didn't have the resources to properly davidbakker Closed Installation
#1258 Plugin Has Stopped Working [32 Bit] - I have to reinstall my Outlook and therefore the plugin this morning Unfortunately I now get the Customer_Support Closed Bug?
#1256 quickbooks to outlook to SuiteCRM - Sorry for all of the questions... I am trying to replace a custom CRM system with a combination of O SteveS Closed Bug?
#1255 sync existing customers from SuiteCRM to Outlook? - if the synctooutlook box is checked for an existing contact it doesn't seem to add it to outlook. T SteveS Closed Bug?
#1254 how often does sync run - it seems to take about 5-10 minutes for contacts to sync from SuiteCRM to Outlook but almost instant SteveS Closed General Question
#1250 Issue to Sync email with custom module - My username : AngelNavarro I have purchased Outlook plugin Its working fine with contact and accou ANavarro Closed Bug?
#1249 Issue to Sync email with custom module [Duplicate] - I have purchased Outlook plugin Its working fine with contact and account module to sync email hist ANavarro Closed Feature
#1247 Error connecting to suitecrm instance local - I have a problem when I tried to configure outlook plugin I put this field in form: URL: http:// ogonzalez Closed Bug?
#1233 Installing Plugin breaks my desktop Outlook. [Resolved] - After I load the plugin, my desktop Outlook 2016 cannot open emails, cannot create new emails, canno TronsorK Closed Bug?
#1204 Unable to connect to SuiteCRM (403) - Hi supportteam, I've installed the OutlookPlugin, but I get the following error : Unable to connect tzett Closed Installation
#1203 Cannot activate the Add-in - I'm unable to enable the Add-in in Outlook ![Capture.PNG]( DirectAutomation Closed Installation
#1197 Allow to archive to multiple instances of SuiteCRM - My day job uses SuiteCRM and my night-job another instance of SuiteCRM. My mail goes through the ralfhauser Closed Feature
#1195 Cant Archive - Hi I am getting an error when trying to archive an email, any ideas? Steve Kos Closed Bug?
#1193 Been trying to get this to work for 5+ months and cannot get any help. [Duplicate] - I have installed the MSI. 1. I test the login and it works. I enter the Lic Key. 2. When I pre tcohen Closed Bug?
#1185 Could not construct 'login' request [Duplicate] - This plugin will not connect to SuiteCRM from within Outlook - I get the error message 'Could not co JudithBrown Closed Bug?
#1184 SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in causes Outlook to run very slow - Hello, Currently running SuiteCRM 7.10.5 (great product btw) and Outlook 2016 desktop (server is joecardamone Closed Bug?
#1174 error in firts open - I get this error when I config the outlook 2010 client with the server. Thanks jnunez Closed Installation
#1168 Cannot archive email's from Outlook - Below is a sample from my debug file as to what is happening. Outlook is not able to auto archive em jasobih Closed Bug?
#1160 Unable to connect to SuiteCRM - Hi I've downloaded and installed the Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin, but I get the following erro JudithBrown Closed Installation
#1135 Cannot archive a message which has already been archived - The plugin stops the correct filing (archiving) of messages where they have already been auto-archiv PabloGarcia Closed Feature
#1115 License problem - I have recently started a Trial of the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin. It is supposed to end on May 13 (in amywright Closed Bug?
#1107 Cannot Connect to CRM - I am able to connect and validate my login via the test. When I click apply I get object referen tcohen Closed Bug?
#1100 Error when trying to archive with outlook plug-in - When I try to archive emails, I get the cryptic message "There was an error while archiving". Is pooyanarab Closed Bug?
#1093 Refund the purchase - The Suite CRM is causing my Outlook to crash. please cancel purchase and refund the amount. najam50 Closed General Question
#1092 Auto archiving emails to Accounts - [Feature now implemented] - Hi Guys, It would be really great if you could please let me know whether auto archiving of email rahuljain Closed Feature
#1088 Error in Outlook during archiving - I have this alarm when I open archive in Outlook. Let me know please if this is alreda a known issue alaczko Closed Bug?
#1087 Azure Active Directory/ Federated login - Good morning, We're using Azure Active Directory for federated logins. I get an invalid login err davidbakker Closed General Question
#1080 outlook plugin sync - configuration for sync time - Hi We have a issue: The calendar in outlook does not refresh often enough. Changes maded on th Mariusz Stankiewicz Closed Feature
#1079 MacOS compatibility - Will / when the plugin be compatible with MS Outlook for MacOS ? ThomasPerardelle Closed General Question
#1076 How to find the installation files for earlier versions - As the latest version 3.0.11 seems to have an issue (see cc Closed Installation
#1071 Cancel - Hello, How can I cancel my recurring charge for the Outlook plugin? I have five licenses I no longe johndycus Closed General Question
#1070 Unable to load DLL 'tidy.x64.dll' - We would Need an installer for x64 System. - The required DLL do not exist in Installation Folder. p.berger Closed Bug?
#1068 Error when archiving - I am getting this error in the logs when clicking on "archive". Any ideas? System.DllNotFoundExce cc Closed Bug?
#1066 cannot authenticate to server - Hi, We upgraded our SuiteCRM today to Version 7.10.2, now Outlook plugin 3.0.11 cannot authenticate admin5 Closed Bug?
#1054 Meeting Deletion - Having several issues with respect to the plugin - (more in a moment) - but initially our concern is mwyres Closed Bug?
#1051 Intermittently Outlook ´hangs´ for a few seconds - Hello, In our office we are using your Outlook plugin to our satisfaction. However, on some comp mdelfortrie Closed Bug?
#1046 Outlook plugin not archiving emails - Hi, The plugin is not archiving the emails. Should I find the archived emails in the History sect seo Closed Bug?
#1040 #403 The remote server returned an error - Outlook 2013 SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In lesleykomatsu Closed Bug?
#1027 New User - Where is the download at? allyson Closed Installation
#1023 Issues encountered when evaluating the plugin for our organisation - Hi Support, We have purchase one plugin for evaluating it for suitability for our organisation. rahuljain Closed Bug?
#1022 License Check is failing - I am unable to get the licence check to validate. I am using Windows 10, and Outlook 2016. I keep CRM Ninjas Closed Bug?
#1016 Removed the plugin from outlook, but can't find the latest download??? - May I have a link to the download please? 1reason Closed Bug?
#1015 Emails archiving over and over and over again - I'm looking at my history in any given account and see the same email over and over again. With some 1reason Closed Bug?
#1010 Custom Module not showing even after adding activity relationship - Hello, I am not able to see the custom module even after enabling relationship with "Activi jeffrayint Closed Bug?
#1009 Unable to get this to work - Attempting to follow your guide. Not making any progress. Installed plugin in Outlook 2016. Now what mike4 Closed Installation
#1008 Outlook Plugin - Attempting to follow your guide. Not making any progress. Installed plugin in Outlook 2016. Now mike4 Closed Installation
#985 could not construct login request - cannot connect to CRM, due to error message could not construct login request. showroom Closed Bug?
#980 Sync To Outlook Mass Update - We are rolling out the plugin. We're looking to sync Contacts from SuiteCRM to Outlook. However, non mello Closed General Question
#975 plugin does not archive emails - versin 3.11 error: there was an error while archiving. version 3.9 is working. samurajgonza Closed Bug?
#974 I hav ordered and installed the plugin - I am an Office 365 Business Essentials user running in the cloud. Outlook is locally installed on my steffen Closed Feature
#964 Custom modules not showing - Hello, when I try to add custom modules from settings the only modules I see after pressing the sel joseciccio Closed Bug?
#963 Atachement not archived with the email - Hello, I'm giving a second chance to this module. I appreciate the work done. When I archive an e joseciccio Closed Bug?
#955 Error archiving email multiple times - Dear developers, we are trying to archive the same email multiple times, e.g. to an account and a HMM Deutschland GmbH Closed Feature
#942 V 3.0.11 - I installed the new version this morning, outlook disabled it because it took over 25 seconds to loa ben Closed Bug?
#941 error message when i try to connect it from my outlook - Hi I get a parse error when i try to connect. marcuskanagasuntherie Closed Bug?
#934 Internal Server error during contact search / sync - Hi I have newly tried out and installed the SuiteCRM Outlook Addin and the problem is that every francesca Closed Bug?
#920 It can not be sync with my SuiteCRM - It can not be sync with my SuiteCRM. The test connection is successful, but I could not synchronize WalterSchaefer Closed Bug?
#914 Could not construct login request - Please, i have install suitecrm outlook plugin but i can't connect to our database always i getg ykediha Closed Bug?
#908 Does this work with Outlook 2010 - We have tried installing the add-in and this is not working at all. Require help for getting this wo sanjay Closed Bug?
#893 Severals users on the same company - Hello, How are you today ? I would like ton use your "Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin" on the s Mickey3d Closed General Question
#890 365 question - I have a question regarding this plugin with 365. I understand that currently the plugin does not su mello Closed General Question
#884 suitecrm outlook plugin does not work with office 365 - i fiddled with trying to find the url for the server, but it's not happy with imap or smtp settings hwythe Closed General Question
#881 Query Error in Module Contacts - Got the attached error message when trying to archive an email. RyanF12 Closed Bug?
#879 Outlook 2007 Support - The previous version of the Outlook Plugin worked great with Outlook 2007, however, this one does no RyanF12 Closed General Question
#878 SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - failed to archive email - Hello. I'm using the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin and I get an error manually archiving an email and it d Impulso Tecnologico Closed Bug?
#877 license check error - the license check is failing in outlook showroom Closed Bug?
#875 Archive Issue - We're trying to use the SuiteCRM plugin for the first time, and receiving a 'get_entry_list' issue w grahamsmith Closed Bug?
#855 Installing Outlook Plugin with Bitnami SuiteCRM - Hello, I downloaded the outlook plugin on my local desktop with Suitecrm running on AWS with bitnami lquintero Closed Installation
#848 To-From-Cc-Bcc fields are being blank - Issue While archiving the emails, the Plugin pulls Subject and Body from Outlook to CRM but fails t jay1 Closed Bug?
#847 Upgrade to version 3.0.12 - Request you to help us upgrade to version 3.0.12 asap jay1 Closed General Question
#827 License key required - I downloaded the 30-day trial version for this outlook plugin. After installing and filling in my cr jeftavanhees Closed Installation
#826 Syncing meeting/contacts from outlook to suitecrm is not working - Hi sir, We are facing syncing issue from outlook to suitecrm.We are LDAP authentication. Plz f chandan.rai Closed Bug?
#824 Outlook meetings is syncing from outlook to suitecrm - Hi sir, We have installed licenced version of outlook plugin in our system.We are using LDAP auth chandan.rai Closed Bug?
#822 The property "ReceivedTime" - The plug in loaded and adds Contacts to the SUITECRM Group in Outlook, but NEVER adds Contacts to Ou protectedharbor Closed Installation
#816 Json Error - Installed on a window 10 system with office 2010. When I try to connect my suite CRM i get the a js kpope Closed Bug?
#811 Not able to install the plugin - I completed the purchase process and after that i received a receipt for the purchase. However, i am srikanthrobbi Closed General Question
#805 syncing calendar to suite crm - I've installed the SuiteCRM outlook plugin, and I've set up contacts and calendar to sync both ways; joanstephens Closed Installation
#799 Outlook 2016 to SuiteCRM | Error 500 - Hey, I'm trying to sync my contacts from Outlook to SuiteCRM but I keep getting an error. Log: peters Closed Bug?
#789 unable to find all custom modules in Archive tab of settings - I was configuring our first user - and everything went pretty smoothly- except we are not able to fi mjel70 Closed Bug?
#781 Plugin and Outlook 2016 - Hi Have been suing the trial for 2 days and it severely affects the Outlook 2016 application as it heinrich Closed Bug?
#770 Error connecting outlook plugin when LDAP is checked - Hi sir, I am not able to connect crm when ldap option is checked in outlook plugin provided by yo chandan.rai Closed Bug?
#756 suitecrm an error was encountered the remote server returned an error: (500) - After upgrading my PHP to 7.1 I started receiving this error; suitecrm an error was encountered the ron Closed Bug?
#751 SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - Hi team, Today I decided I need the SuiteCRM Outlook Plug. I decided to use the free trial fea bernardbailey Closed Installation
#743 Unwanted Creating winmail.dat file - Hi, I am using a Paid version of suiteCRM Outlook Plugin. We are facing a major issue, wheneve Monika Closed General Question
#742 Unable to sync calendar with Outlook plugin - I am using Suite CRM Version 7.8.7 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) with the 3.0.9 Outlook Plugin. I anthonyyarusso Closed Bug?
#724 Send and Archive not working properly? - Using Outlook Plugin 3.0.9 and Outlook 2013. After clicking Send and Archive, the email is sent i afatac Closed Bug?
#723 Refound requested - Plugin not working and no response from the developers - Hello, I'm really disapointed. I have never been able to use this module. I opened several suppport joseciccio Closed Bug?
#719 Plugin Inconsistency - Hi, We are having significant issues with the plugin. We are currently under trial licence, with mwyres Closed Bug?
#716 Cant start the Add-In together witg G-Suite from Google :-( - Outlook stuck at processing when i install the add-in, if i remove g-suite the add in starts but the lars Closed Bug?
#715 Cant start the Add-In together witg G-Suite from Google :-( - Outlook stuck at processing when i install the add-in, if i remove g-suite the add in starts but the lars Closed Bug?
#714 Google G Suite outlook - Hello I am using latest version af Google G-Suite, but when that Add-in is active i can't have la lars Closed Bug?
#705 Please refund purchase - Hi there We installed this last month to trial and if has automatically been charged to our credi glynne01 Closed Installation
#701 Brings CRM site to a crawl - After installing and working through the set-up issues I was finally able to sync up some things. No gscorns Closed Bug?
#695 Error while archiving - I am trying to get the plugin working, it has installed fine and connects to our CRM install. I a todd2 Closed Bug?
#691 outlook 2013 getting freeze after installing Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - hi sir our outlook 2013 getting freeze after installing Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin any sol riyazg Closed Bug?
#687 Appointments accepted on devices other than where the Plugin is installed (including mobile phones) - These events don't seem to be added to my CRM calendar unless I accept them on the device where the geconly Closed Feature
#685 SuiteCRM Outlook Plug-In v3. 0. 7. 0 installation error - Good morning, I have many PCs with Windows 7 32Bit and unfortunately I can't install SuiteCRM Outlo Daniele Sacco Closed Bug?
#684 Feedback in case #528 - I dont get any more feedback ibn this case so dont know where to get help. What is happening? Are th kent Closed Bug?
#680 What do I press to download the outlook plug in? - Where do I find the upload prompt/button for the outlook plug in? johnw1 Closed General Question
#679 Shared Calendar - Howdy!! Thanks in advance for the help. re Ultimate Outlook plugin. 1 User. We have our director pcendeavorsny Closed General Question
#676 error SuitCRM - We noticed that an email from outlook was not archived into Suite CRM. I tried to do this manually t bleeker Closed Bug?
#670 Since update cannot search for cases - I finally got around to using the plugin today and when I do a search for account, cases or anything lloyd Closed Bug?
#669 Please cancel my trial - Please cancel this trial, it will not work suite Closed Installation
#654 There was an error while archiving - I am getting this error when trying to archive mails from Outlook using this plugin. michaelcoates Closed Bug?
#644 Server Error 500 - Just installed. Set-up per instructions. From error log... 2017-09-22 12:40:34,549 | AS | ERROR gscorns Closed Bug?
#632 Outlook plug in: can not select any custom modules or create any task or other - Dear suitecrm team, After installing the outlook plug-in without any problems, I can not select a info32 Closed General Question
#631 Archiving Not Found Results - I am trying to ARCHIVE an email with about 57 recipients. The archive option is not finding the acco jraulhdez0325 Closed General Question
#630 License key not accepted - user: Have installed latest version once again, updated with the licence key - s mats Closed Bug?
#626 Error: There was an error while archiving - Hello I just installed the new version of the software August 2017 and I keep getting this error whi joseciccio Closed Bug?
#623 Install onto local computer and no .exe file.. - I loaded several times the link onto local computer, however I can not open program or do anything. manainvest Closed Bug?
#621 Pricing Query - Dear Team, Is there a pricing model for high volume purchase of the Outlook plugin for enterprise Ashok Closed General Question
#620 Error While Archiving - This plug-in still doesn't work after upgrade 3.07. I get an error every time I try to archive "Ther ben Closed Bug?
#615 outlook plugin getting error when integrating - getting error once we try to put URL, username and password riyazg Closed Bug?
#614 Outlook is hanging on processing and never opens after installing the plugin - Outlook is hanging on processing and never opens after installing the plugin gkarabel Closed Bug?
#611 Cannot sync contacts - I've just started an evaluation of SuiteCRM and the Outlook plugin in particular as we are looking a goddelabergayeh Closed Bug?
#610 Cannot sync contacts - I've just started an evaluation of SuiteCRM and the Outlook plugin in particular as we are looking a goddelabergayeh Closed Bug?
#608 Unable to connect outlook plugin with IP - I have purchased outlook plugin of suitecrm.It is not working.Can we use same license key in same in Maharshi Closed Bug?
#606 there was an error while archiving - Not working. I'm trying disable antivirus and firewall without success. I have MS Office 2016 and kekurs Closed Bug?
#605 Failure to make successful connection in the Username, Password Settings box - After installing the SuiteCRM addin, I attempt to make it work by inputting my username and password ANavarro Closed Installation
#602 error while archiving email from outlook tot suitecrm - Hello, Ref Ticket #575 Here is the info from the debug log please help: 2017-09-05 10:59:23 dennis1 Closed Bug?
#596 Custom modules not showing - HEllo, I selected in the settings to show custom modules. Unfortunately, no custom module is showing joseciccio Closed Bug?
#594 Calendar - Hi, I could calendar option but I don't see "myCalendar" sub-option under calendar option. Is th raees Closed Bug?
#592 Auto Archive Emails - Hello, I checked auto archive option in settings but still sometimes the emails are not archived. raees Closed Bug?
#588 Issue While Archiving Email - Hello There, I am getting an error while trying to archive an email. although the email gets archive kbenara Closed Bug?
#584 Unable to Archive mail against Target - Hello, In my outlook plugin I am not seeing any option to archive mail against Targets, when I try kbenara Closed Bug?
#581 Can not sync calendar - Hi. Outlook calendar sync do not work. Attached log file image. Thanks. ![scrm_outlook_error_.png](h miklospal Closed Bug?
#577 SuiteCRM Outlook-3.0.7.msi not installing - Downloaded and attempted install of SuiteCRM Outlook-3.0.7.msi 30/8/2017. Message "This installatio admin5 Closed Installation
#576 Plugin inactive when installing on Outlook 2010 - Hi I install the plugin on Outlook 2010, but plugin is inactive in Outlook, and I can't turn it as fabricefoucaud1 Closed Installation
#575 Cannot archive email after upgrading to 3.0.7 - Outlook 2013, SuiteCRM 7.8.5 I cannot archive email after upgrading the plugin to 3.0.7. It was w afatac Closed Bug?
#567 Unable to USe Plugin - We have purchased the Plugin, Installed it on the system. But when I try to use it in Outlook. It gi kbenara Closed Installation
#559 Booted - One of my installs is getting a license check error. i have 2 users allowed. Do they have to be the lindsay Closed General Question
#555 Outlook Plugin - keeps loosing its key - After four to five days the plugin will say - requires key. You enter the key and it works again for lloyd Closed Bug?
#550 Contacts and Calender doesnt SYNC - Hello, I have installed the Outlook Plugin. Plugin version Suitcrm Version 7.8.5. The a mirko Closed Bug?
#545 No connections on TLS 1.1/1.2 - Hi, We recently installed the SuiteCRM Outlook connector to a couple of machines but we've had issu potts Closed Feature
#543 Error while batch archiving emails - We experienced a bug while archiving many emails from a folder in Outlook See image of error here: kent Closed Bug?
#536 Smiley in email wont archive - Hi, when we add a smiley :-) in the email we got tis error. If we removed the smiley it was ok Is t kent Closed Bug?
#528 Date sent does not come through to SuiteCRM from Outlook - All users are using 3.0.4. But only one user are able to archive emails that will include the Date S kent Closed Bug?
#525 Query sync outlook - SuiteCRM - Hello Team, We took trial of your plugin "SuiteCRM Outlook-3.0.5.exe" and it looks working fine. fabricefoucaud Closed Bug?
#523 Licnse check failed - I have purchesed 6 licenses and we have installed the plugin for Suite CRM, we operate with a 365 ou bleeker Closed Installation
#513 Syncing doesn't work.... - Hi, unfortunately my Plugin isn't working... i've registered the official Outlook Plugin for wolfram Closed General Question
#512 Will not become an active add-in - Constantly in the inactive add-in list. When manually attempting to add the add-in via 'add' states sam Closed Bug?
#507 Error 500 syncing outlook plugin - Hello, I actually test outllook plugin for my company. I have some error type 500 like this : philippelefebvre Closed Bug?
#506 Outlook 2013 produce a lot of archived email after manual archive - Hi, After manual archive, a lot of archived email are produced as below: ![after_1.png](https:// tester1 Closed Bug?
#501 Outlook (MS Office Pro 2013 Plus Syncing a lot of the time since installing Plugin - Hi our Outlook seems to hang and Synchronising a lot of the time. Not Syncing Contacts or Calendar admin5 Closed Bug?
#500 Install - Trying to get this software working, I was able to install, it shows up on my outlook at the top, bu Todd Lueck Closed Bug?
#499 suitecrm outlook plugin Server (500) Internal Server Error - I have tried removing the trailing / from my url and it did not work. stevebrooks Closed Bug?
#498 File attachment error 413 - HEllo this is the second time i write about this subject. Can you give me a feedback? ![failure joseciccio Closed Bug?
#495 Error email with attachment - ![Senza-titolo-1.jpg]( joseciccio Closed Bug?
#494 Outlook 2010 - We have the plugin working on copies of ourlook but there is a problem with one machine which runs o AndyTimmins Closed Bug?
#489 Unhandled Exception - Once I install the Outlook plugin, I test the login (it works) and hit the Save button. Here is the vrangamani Closed Bug?
#484 Archiving with additional modules - Is it possible to have the task module for archiving emails from outlook. jeffrayint Closed Feature
#482 Very simple integration - A little bit dificult for a two way sincronization. Soporte1 Closed Feature
#478 License check failed for - Hello, on one of my positions, I'm receiving the following: License check failed for the SUiteCRM keithpohl Closed Bug?
#472 outlook plugin - it cannot create lead from mail cpaneri Closed Feature
#470 Contact sync - i want to sync my outlook with all contacts in the CRM, not just the ones i created. Only "my" conta feuler Closed General Question
#457 Unable to use add-on. No response on case or forum. - Unable to view or set auto archive settings. Screenshot posted in forum, bug reported yesterday. N cwonsey Closed Bug?
#454 Syncing Contact to Account - I have contact syncing working from Outlook to SuiteCRM. But if I create a new contact in Outlook t hbar Closed Feature
#453 Auto Archive Settings missing - I am attempting to evaluate this software for purchase and the Auto Archive tab of the settings pane cwonsey Closed Bug?
#451 Failure to Archive - I received an error when trying to archive an email from Outlook into SuiteCRM. The error reads: bgrow Closed Bug?
#450 How to enable "Sync to outlook" checkbox? - I follow the instruction and display on Edit/Detail view. The "Sync to outlook" checkbox appear in t Yathit Closed General Question
#449 Re-occurring meetings - Re-occurring meetings not syncing from outlook to SuiteCRM, only the first instance of the meeting. gkoehler Closed Feature
#448 Sync does not work - I just installed your product and everything went well, but nothing synchronized, not the calendar o cbacchi Closed Installation
#447 CRM Domain - What is my CRM domain? chris2 Closed General Question
#442 Trial SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin - Could not construct 'login' request - Hi, I am trying the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin 3.0 with SuiteCRM 7.8.3 and Windows 10. The plugin in itmonitor Closed Installation
#441 Calender Sync not working - Hi, I purchased the Outlook plugin a while ago. While the Archive function for email is working p guidofueth Closed Bug?
#440 Sync contact - Query error in module Accounts - Error 500 - Hi, I resolved problem with loging but I've another problem with sync contact from Outlook to Suite karol.m Closed Bug?
#439 Outlook Plugin Disabled - I tried to install the Outlook Addin. Outlook generated a message that said that it had caused some DaveDaniels Closed Installation
#436 Failed to parse JSON - Hello, I install the plugin for OUTLOOK 2016, try to TEST the login and receive the following me jsuarez Closed Bug?
#431 Archive to Quote by entering Quote Number in search field. - It probably sounds backwards, but the ability to select the Quote module as a search option would be justinh Closed Feature
#430 Archived Items - History Shows wrong "From" - Hi Support, I hope someone can give me some advice. I've noticed that when using Archive or "S justinh Closed General Question
#427 chocolatey package for the suitecrm add-in - Hi, could you please make the addin available via thanks feuler Closed Feature
#422 calendar sync - I am not sure if its a bug or what, but I am not able to get calendar sync work at all.The last I go kent Closed Bug?
#421 SuiteCRM Address book - I cannot find the SuiteCRM address book button in Outlook 2013. Where is the button located? alex1 Closed General Question
#417 License Check Failed for SuiteCRM Add-in - I had just purchased the plug in and installed it. Entered my info in and the test login was success alex1 Closed Bug?
#416 SuiteCRM Address Book Window to small, half hidden buttons - ![SuiteCRM Address Book.PNG]( olafkoester Closed Bug?
#413 Configure Outlook plugin - The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. - When trying to configure the settings for the Outlook plugin using Outlook 2013 on Windows 10 Pro I karol.m Closed Bug?
#406 Outlook Shared Calendars - Good day. We are in our trial still with the plugin and our need is very simple. in OUTLOOK... th pcendeavorsny Closed Feature
#404 auto-archiving thread - If I add a message to the CRM, linked to a Case (or any other record), will the following messages i ViniciusAssis Closed General Question
#403 Cannot sync a contact to CRM - The installation was ok but there is no way to sync a contact from Outlook to SuiteCRM. Outlook 20 twang1997 Closed Bug?
#402 Outlook Plugin 3.0.4 Calendar Sycn Issue - Hello, I am only able to get Calendar events to sync between Outlook and Suite when I manually cr Noah Closed Bug?
#396 Is anyone going to respond to case 390? - I posted this 4 days ago: I purchased this plugin as one of the key features listed was "Creation n MBECanterbury Closed Feature
#393 Porting to Outlook for Mac - Hey guys, If it is not been already asked, why is there no plugin for Outlook for Mac? I assum jvince Closed Feature
#390 Creating records from email - I purchased this plugin as one of the key features listed was "Creation new SuiteCRM records (Contac MBECanterbury Closed Feature
#385 Calendar sync and user licensed - Hi, I have 2 questions: 1. I have installed to my outlook and activated the calendar sync 2 way. Bu kent Closed General Question
#384 CRM Server error 10 (Invalid Login) when credentials are correct? - When entering URL, UN, PW, and license key in outlook settings (all accurately, details re-checked m JSmithMAP Closed Bug?
#381 HTTPS URL with self-signed SSL certificate - The plugin does not accept my URL with self-signed SSL certificate. I always get "Could not constru stefan Closed Installation
#379 default calendar - How do i change the default calendar where appointments created in SuiteCRM are stored to my office3 tmartin Closed Feature
#376 System.Runtime.Interop.Services error if "Archive Attachments Also" setting is enabled. - Hi again guys. With the "Archive attachments also" setting enabled I get the error (as per image) ian Closed Bug?
#375 Calender Notes being overwritten - Hello, I have installed the outlook plugin which is working OK however the customer has come back RakataTech Closed Bug?
#374 Contacts not syncing - I have installed in my outlook and my contacts are not syncing anymore. I have upgraded to version 3 randhirshinde Closed Bug?
#373 Sync Errors - Hi, I am getting errors like the one below. I have noticed that my recurring calendar items are stssolutions Closed Bug?
#370 Plugin 3.0.4 - Send and Archive Fails - After upgrading to Outlook Plugin version 3.0.3 to 3.0.4 the Send and Archive no longer works. A justinh Closed Bug?
#360 Whenever I'm in corp network i get error 407 - I need to be able to configure proxy settings for the plugin or have some workaround for this plugin barula Closed Bug?
#359 How to create accounts from outlook to suitecrm - I am unable to create accounts and contacts from outlook to suitecrm. Please do the needful for the dcataldo Closed Installation
#351 Licence key - I'd download and compile the source code from, but i don't know, where I can get the Lice sergey_b Closed General Question
#347 Getting an error when syncing emails to Suitecrm - Whenever I do multiple emails, I get the error shown in the attached picture(screenshot). john Closed Bug?
#342 Not able to syncing the records (Leads) - Hi, I integrated the official outlook plugin and am not able to syncing the records like leads. als RakshaTiwari Closed Feature
#341 archiving of emails seems slow - Using Outlook 2016 and testing the plugin against a fresh install of SuiteCRM, we've found that arc kyle Closed Bug?
#327 Not syncing - Hi guys, I just purchased the outlook suitecrm outlook plugin and I'm not seeing some of the items tmartin Closed Bug?
#326 outlook plugin has no relation to cases nor Opportunities? - hello I am testing the plugin and purchased on licence. We are most interrested in the case + oppo Serge Pelletier Closed Feature
#324 Customer Company does not import to SuiteCRM - Not sure if I'm missing something, but the customer "company" does not appear to be importing from O demerichbl Closed Feature
#319 Worked great for emails, then stopped and is asking for the settings' info - I setup the add-on, them it stopped working and the settings were blank. I re-added the settings and 1reason Closed Installation
#316 Feature to Create a case / task? - Hello, I'm looking for a functionality that lets me quickly create a case / task out of emails F mtiggelaar Closed Feature
#313 Sincronizzazione Calendario - non sincronizza il calendario ----------------------------- SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In v3.0.2.2 in info14 Closed Bug?
#309 Ongoing issues with calendar and contact sync - We have several users experiencing disappearing / not-appearing meetings when initiated in outlook o feuler Closed General Question
#306 Changing over from Sugar Plugin for Microsoft Outlook v6.2.0 - Hi there I have migrated over to SuiteCRM from SugarPro. I am currently running the Sugar Plugin fo glynne01 Closed General Question
#304 outlook freezing when I go to calendars. - when I bring up my calendar on my outlook client after setting up the sync. My outlook freezes. tim Closed Bug?
#303 Calendars and Contacts being whiped from outlook - It appears that contacts and appointments on outlook are wiped from outlook after the system syncs. demerichbl Closed Bug?
#300 Unable to sync calender using the outlook plugin. - Hello, I hope you are well! Hi....I have purcahsed and installed the plugin and the connection RakataTech Closed Bug?
#299 Not interested in plugin / Implicit has more robust features - I would like a refund for the plugin, Implicit has much more robust features etworek Closed General Question
#297 Contacts must be assigned to your user - The Installation and Setup doc says: "For SuiteCRM to sync all contacts to your Outlook they must vox789 Closed Feature
#295 time zone shift when syncing meetings - both ways - when i create a meeting in outlook it ends up with different time in the crm. other way round as wel feuler Closed Bug?
#287 Dergraded Outlook Performance with Plugin Enabled - I've recently purchased and installed version 3.0.2 of the Ultimate Plugin. My system is a Core i justinh Closed Bug?
#280 Category (Green confirmation) goes on the wrong email under certain circumstances - Office 2016 (Outlook 2016) - Windows 10 - tested on 2 laptops This is a bit quirky. Once I com ian Closed Bug?
#275 Outlook addin fails regularly with Server Errors, but not on all emails - ![SuiteCRM Outlook archiving error.png]( ian Closed Bug?
#274 Using the enter key to search [now included in 3.0.3] - Hi again. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature (or an issue at my end), but typing a search ian Closed Feature
#270 Archive to Custom Module feature [now included in 3.0.3] - Hi guys. Is the Outlook connector likely to be able to archive to custom modules anytime soon? ian Closed Feature
#268 I work on two PC's my Desktop and my laptop, using only one CRM account. Do I need one or two licenses? - I work on two PC's my Desktop and my laptop, using only one CRM account. Do I need one or two licens BNC Distribution Closed General Question
#262 Outlook contact deleted by installation of official plug in. - I am evaluating a CRM for our company. I tried the official Siu CRM Outlook plug-in. I bought it las michelf99 Closed Bug?
#254 Issue logging in - 404 - PHP Warnings - When trying to configure the settings for the Outlook plugin using Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 Pro I evan Closed Bug?
#247 Paid Outlook Plugin not working - Hi there, I have purchased 1 user outlook plugin and trying to install. But it is not working in Monika Closed Installation
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