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#1728 - CRM calendar is synchronising to the wrong email account in Outlook

Closed Feature created by selincampbell a year ago

Hi there,

I have already raised this on Github:

I have 3 email accounts in Outlook. 2 are MS Exchange accounts that I use for work, and one is a hotmail account that is linked to my computer. When the 'synch both ways' option is selected, the plugin defaults to the calendar for my hotmail account instead of my MS Exchange email addresses. How do I change this? Similarly, my personal contacts also started synching from this hotmail account, until I stopped it.

Expected Behavior
I expect to be able to select which email account I want CRM to access

Actual Behavior
The plugin auto-selected and started synching to my hotmail account calendar

We cannot use the plugin without this functionality
HIGH! Neither myself not our full office will be able to use this plugin if this issue is not resolved.

Your Environment
Outlook Plugin Version used: SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In - version
Outlook Client Version used: Outlook 2016 MSO (16.0.4417.1000) 32-bit
SuiteCRM Version used: Version 7.8.13 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
Host (e.g. PC, Server): PC - Dell laptop
Operating System and version (e.g Windows 10): Windows 10


  1. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi there, these are both new feature requests (contact list and Callander folder) which we have raised internally. Currently the only per account configuration is for auto-archiving.

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