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The Ultimate Outlook Plugin Has Arrived - In response to user requests, SuiteCRM have created the ultimate Outlook plugin which is maintained by SuiteCRM developers. Our plugin supports Outlook 2010 upwards and includes two way synchronisation with CRM, Calender, Calls, Meeting, Tasks and Email Archiving.

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We are pleased to announce that active development is now underway for the next major version of SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in 4.0.0 – the official SuiteCRM Outlook integration.

The new SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in will be released in three consecutive phases in order to promote and implement customer feedback in an agile way to each subsequent phase. With this announcement of SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in v4, we are also therefore announcing the retirement of SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in v3 upon the successful launch of v4.

To help our customers assess the implications of the newer SuiteCRM Outlook integration we have published the v4 roadmap and FAQs which provide answers regarding supported versions, technologies used and pricing (psst, it's not changing!). If you still have questions feel free to reach out to us by emailing us

Find out more on the v4 Roadmap via our official press release

This section below details SuiteCRM Outlook Add-on v3 which will reach its EOL upon release of SuiteCRM Outlook Add-on v4!

Outlook Plugin Now Supports Outlook 2010 to 2016

For any Outlook plugin to be effective, it has to maintained on a regular basis. Microsoft implement thousands of code changes to its products on a daily basis and so the frequency of updates have dramatically increased. This is why we had to create a fully supported, monitored and maintained Outlook solution for our SuiteCRM application.

With a large number of users using Outlook, coupled with the lack of choice and poor quality plugins in the marketplace it become apparent that SuiteCRM had to create its very own solution. In building this we had to ensure it was robust and of the highest quality by delivering an effective, managed solution to our users.

Why buy this?

  • Developed by the SuiteCRM Team
  • Easy to install and implement
  • Reliable and robust
  • Provides seamless integration between both applications
  • More effective for you and your business
  • Links valuable emails to your CRM records
  • Has auto archiving functionality
  • Seamless synchronisations between contacts, meeting and tasks
  • Alignment of software to streamline your business processes

The SuiteCRM Official Outlook Plug-in is charged annually at $50 per user. The revenue generated will be used to support, maintain and keep the plug-in up to date as well as extending the core of SuiteCRM.

- Currently the plugin does not work with the cloud based Office 365
- Terminal Server compatibility are coming soon!
- Currently works on Windows only

As the plug-in is published under the LGPL open source license the source code is available on Github and may be compiled, however it may not always contain the latest updates and there is no support offered for this version.

Outlook - SuiteCRM Contact Creation

Private user Creation in Outlook.png

Outlook - SuiteCRM Meeting Creation

Meeting Creation.png

Outlook - SuiteCRM Archive Tab

SuiteCRM Archive Tab.png

Full Documentation

Learn more about the full capabilities of the SuiteCRM Outlook plugin by checking out our documentation.

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