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Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4 has arrived - Compatible with the Outlook Web App or Outlook 2016+ connected to Office365 or Exchange Server 2016. A complete rebuild developed and maintained by SuiteCRM developers, the addon retains previous functionality while massively improves performance, reliability and stability!

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Release Notes

[Version 4.2.0] Released 23 January 2024

Fixed Issues:

  • Archive button added spacing when results show more than 6 records.
  • Updated hover and select colour for Records results in the Archive tab.
  • Updated information labels for Validate Key within the Outlook Config Panel.

Features Added:

  • Angular framework upgrade to version 16.1.
  • New Tab UI design for Authentication/Achrive/Settings.
  • New design to Authentication page.
  • New design to Achrive page.
  • A new Setting Page has been added to display user information.

Please Uninstall version 4.1.0 before installing 4.2.0, all settings and data should be unaffected

[Version 4.1.0] Released 17 October 2023

Features Added

  • SuiteCRM 8 Support added.
  • Outlook Plugin Re-design.
  • SuiteCRM API checks before authentication.

Please Uninstall version 4.0.3 before installing 4.1.0, all settings and data should be unaffected

[Version 4.0.3] Released 30 August 2023

Fixed Issues:

  • Fix Profile Outlook Sync Folders tab not appearing.
  • Fix Outlook license key validation when inputting an invalid license key it will no longer store a blank string in the database.
  • Fix Outlook Sync Folders so if no folders are selected this will prevent all emails from being processed.
  • Fix License Key save where the licence key would not be saved with the default save button.
  • Fix PHP warning on foreach when no emails are returned from the selected folder.
  • Fix viewing the user panel in Firefox as the Outlook tab would not load in the correct tab.
  • Fix folder multi-select as it was not possible to save the outlook folder multi-select when no folders were selected, leading to inconsistent behaviour.
  • Fix removed duplicate API calls to licencing API.
  • Improved readability and ensure licence checks are appropriate.
  • Updated and Improved Azure Permission functionality and logging.
  • Updated and Improved info, error and fatal Logging.


  • New Test Azure Sync from the admin panel has been added.

Please Uninstall version 4.0.2 before installing 4.0.3, all settings and data should be unaffected

[Version 4.0.2] Released 3 May 2023

Fixed Issues:

  • Fix 7.13 Compatibility issues
  • Fix User Subpanel Sorting Database Error
  • Updated and Improved Error Logging
  • Updated and Improved Info Logging

Please Uninstall version 4.0.1 before installing 4.0.2, all settings and data should be unaffected

[Version 4.0.1] Released 16 June 2022

  • Fix 7.12 Comparability issues
  • Fix Store licence validation issues
  • Fix User is not Licensed error
  • Prevent Error Loop on Logout/licence API failures
  • Remove admin notices on subpanel loading
  • Update Unknown Error Message
  • Improve Sync Error handling
  • Update Users Integration to use ajax (avoid updating key files)
  • Update API endpoint to use /Api/index.php/ to simplify setup
  • Add default admin icon

Please Uninstall version 4.0.0 before installing 4.0.1, all settings and data should be unaffected

[Version 4.0.0] Released 31 August 2020

Completely plugin rebuild from the ground up to resolve legacy issues. For more info see our FAQ

[Version 3.0.22] Released 10th September 2019

Fixed Issues:

  • Validate licence pop-up keeps appearing
  • Deferred start-up
  • Slow down when removing calendar items
  • Prevent CRM URL issue
  • Unable to press save button on settings


  • Contact manual sync V2

[Version 3.0.20] Released 28th June 2019

Fixed Issues:

  • Resolved incorrect License Checks (due to deferred start up)
  • Ensures TLS 1.2+ being enforced
  • Improve Startup Performance


  • Upgraded v4.6.1 to v4.6.2

[Version 3.0.18] Released 12th February 2019

New Features:

  • Ability to select and archive emails against related records when returning results
  • Ability to re-archive emails
  • Ability to auto archive emails to accounts
  • Ability to search and select record on Send and Archive
  • Ability to Manually synchronise Contacts
  • Ability to select synchronisation direction of meetings/calls/tasks/contacts individually
  • Upgraded to use .NET 4.6

Fixed Issues:

  • Resolved memory leaks and improved performance
  • Resolved Unable to load DLL ‘tidy.x64.dll’ issue
  • Resolved set recipient address in the search dialog when archiving SENT emails
  • Resolved duplication for synchronising meetings/tasks

[Version 3.0.11] Released 5th February 2018

Fixed Issues:

  • Updates to Meeting invitees were not synchronising.
  • Cancelled Meetings were still showing as active in the Outlook Calendar.
  • Meetings would not synchronise to Outlook depending on their source (e.g. Gmail).
  • Meetings created via clicking the CRM Calendar would not synch to Outlook.
  • To / From / CC / BCC fields on an archived e-mail were blank.
  • Meetings would only synchronise to the CRM if you were the Organiser.
  • More support for PHP 7.1

[Version 3.0.9] Released 25th October 2017

Fixed Issues:

  • Issue installing Plugin on 32bit operating systems
  • Issue with archiving emails
  • Improved meeting sync
  • Issue with “Assigned user” values
  • Improved identification of synced Outlook Meeting items in the CRM
  • Issue with meeting duplication
  • Issue with task sync

[Version 3.0.7] Released 30th August 2017


  • LDAP Support
  • Outlook plugin is now available as an MSI package

Fixed Issues:

  • Issue viewing Auto Archive tab in Outlook 2010
  • Issue causing configuration loss when updating Outlook
  • Improved archived message identification
  • Issue when syncing to the CRM without export access
  • Archived history items do not set the “From” field correctly
  • Prevented tasks from syncing to Outlook from the CRM without a Due Date
  • Improved logging information
  • Improved saved settings to prevent setting loss from occurring

Known Issues:

  • Issue with manual email archiving causing duplication in Outlook 2013 (Please restart the plugin if encountering this issue)

[Version 3.0.5] Released 12th June 2017


  • You can now upgrade without requiring to un-install previous versions of the plug-in.
  • Further updated icon set - SuiteP

Fixed Issues:

  • Issue searching Custom modules of type 'Company'
  • Improved change detection of synchronised records
  • Address book cutting off the “Finish” and “Cancel” buttons
  • Calendar Meeting description being overwritten by Accept/Decline invites
  • Unable to change type of error logging via settings
  • Issue when syncing multiple emails from the same person
  • Issue when Sending and Archiving with attachments
  • Improved duplication check of created Meetings/Calls between CRM and Outlook
  • Issue on PHP 7.1 environment unable to connect to CRM
  • Intermittent issue causing loss of plug-in settings
  • Issue on creating Tasks with no due date synchronisation

[Version 3.0.4] Released 15th May 2017


  • LDAP Support
  • Search & Archive against Opportunities

Fixed Issues:

  • Ability to change level of logging
  • Improved Performance – additional caching and multi-threading
  • Resolved Auto Archiving Receive/Sent minor issues

[Version 3.0.3]


  • Archive to Custom Modules
  • Assign Categories to Emails (only available with SuiteCRM 7.9)
  • Ability to Accept/Decline a Meeting if created via CRM
  • Outlook Contacts are turned Private if deleted or unsynced on CRM
  • Hit Enter to Search

Fixed Issues:

  • Synchronise Meetings & Calls does not appear on CRM Calendar View
  • Improved Performance – robust caching and multi-threading
  • Tasks not deleting in Outlook when removed on CRM
  • Updated Tasks Export Rights
  • Resolved Archiving Received/Sent by minor issues
  • Resolved Cascading deletion of objects on Outlook
  • CRM synced Call incorrectly reference Account Telephone in To address
  • Search Button being unresponsive
  • Improved Timezone Support
  • Plugin Settings Box Resizable
  • Resolved Indexing pointer during Synchronisation

[Version 3.0.2]


  • New SuiteP themed icon set
  • Add logging level control in Settings window
  • Warning popup if a sync conflict is detected
  • Send and archive button added to Email compose window

Fixed Issues:

  • Archive window size dynamically set on load.
  • SuiteCRM Outlook plugin license authentication in background
  • Contacts on a multi page set up sync bug resolved
  • Removes duplicate email search
  • Ability to mouse right click and archive for 2010 and 2013
  • Sync checks set to off by default of initial install
  • Private Outlook contacts made more responsive
  • Resolve the encoding and decoding of text between SuiteCRM and Outlook bug
  • Multiple back-end bug fixes
  • CRM Contacts are not marked_deleted if deleted on Outlook

[Version 3.0.1]

Fixed Issues:

  • Improved Threading
  • Improved logging for licence key validation checks
  • Improved settings dynamics
  • Easy disable option added
  • Private CRM contacts removed from Outlook
  • Outlook created contacts can now be updated from both Outlook and the CRM

[Version 3.0.0]

Initial Release February 2017

  • Full auto synchronisation with Outlook 2010 upwards
  • Manual archiving with Outlook 2007
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  • "It works very good. You should deactivate the contacts sync on the first run, because it sorts the contacts in the main folder and thus uploads duplic..." - Wieland

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