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Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4 has arrived - A complete plugin rebuild developed and maintained by SuiteCRM developers entirely from scratch, the addon retains previous functionality while massively improves performance, reliability and stability!

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Plugin Installation

Step 1: Package Install

If you’re the System Administrator setting up the Outlook integration for the first time, the first thing you’ll need to do is install the Outlook Plugin in your SuiteCRM instance. If you are a user of the Plugin, go to the User Guide instead. Follow these steps to install the Outlook Plugin on your SuiteCRM instance:

  1. Navigate to the “Module Loader” section within the Admin panel.

Module loader

  1. Choose the Outlook zip file you downloaded and upload it using the Upload Button.

Package upload

  1. Click Install next to the newly uploaded package and accept the Terms & Conditions if asked.

  2. Run a Quick Repair and Rebuild on the instance.

Quick repair and rebuild

Step 2: Validate Licence

  1. Navigate to the newly added “SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in” within the “Admin” panel

Outlook admin panel

  1. Populate your Licence Key and click on “Validate”.

Validate licence key

Step 3: Prepare API

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel, then the “OAuth2 Clients and Tokens” panel.

  2. Click New Password Client. Give the key a Name such as “Outlook Password Client” and enter a memorable Secret/password in the Change secret field.

API Password Client

  1. Keep note of the generated ID and memorable Secret/password, as this will be required later when configuring the outlook add-in.

Client ID

Step 4: Installing Outlook Add-in

Continue following the Outlook Installation Instructions

  1. juergenkreis member avatar

    Tim Cardinal Verified Purchase

    2 years ago

    To call this procedure complicated definitely is an understatement ... in my case, the procedure ends up with my most favorite error message: "An unknown error has occured. Please check in put and try again" - which I have done a couple of times ....

    • CleanSweep member avatar


      a year ago

      Same thing here - did you ever get it figured out?

  2. info5 member avatar


    2 years ago

    you will need to be using Azure already :-(

  3. teldust member avatar


    a year ago

    What is this "An unknown error has occurred, please check input and try again."? I have followed every single step above?

  4. R3xMan member avatar


    a year ago

    Forzing Azure seems like a bad move... Implicit frontend seems to work fine.

  5. Dhindsley member avatar


    a year ago

    For those who have done this successfully, can you please post a video on the installation process.

  6. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi all,

    Unknown errors normally mean an error has occurred on the SuiteCRM side, If you see this error you should confirm your API is configured correctly and you have created keys as shown in the documentation above.

    Azure is only required for Auto-archiving, and the rest of the plugin itself can be used without azure.

    A video may be useful documentation, we'll take that on board and see if we can get one up and running.

    Thanks, Mac

  7. rickbyers member avatar


    a year ago

    In the latest version outlook 365, the 'Get Add-ins' menu option is no longer there.

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