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Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4 has arrived - A complete plugin rebuild developed and maintained by SuiteCRM developers entirely from scratch, the addon retains previous functionality while massively improves performance, reliability and stability!

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Upgrade Guide

Upgrading the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from the purchases page on the SuiteCRM Store.

  2. Navigate to the “Module Loader” section within the Admin panel.

Module Loader

  1. Uninstall any previous versions. Your settings and data will be unaffected.

  2. Choose the new zip file downloaded in step 1 and upload it using the Upload Button.

Package Upload

  1. Click on Install next to the newly uploaded package and accept the Terms & Conditions if asked.

Install Package

  1. Run a Quick Repair and Rebuild on the instance.

Quick Repair and Rebuild

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  • "It works very good. You should deactivate the contacts sync on the first run, because it sorts the contacts in the main folder and thus uploads duplic..." - Wieland

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