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#3182 - No valid key

Closed Bug? created by cjacob 2 months ago

When entering the trial key into the respective textbox and clicking on Validate, nothing happens.
When - afterwards - trying to add an outlook user to the collection at the bottom of the page, the system won't let me and say "no valid key".

I tried to debug the javascript calls.

When clicking on the Validate button, the function callValidateEntry is fired using the key, I correctly entered.
The function then triggers an ajax call on the following URL: index.php?entryPoint=validateOutlookKey with a json payload containing the key.

Soon after the function validationCallback is executed with a validationResult of success:false and no further information (result=null).

I enabled the php error log and the only thing that I found that could be related to this is the following line:
[28-Oct-2020 09:46:55 UTC] PHP Notice: Key file "file://C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SuiteCRM/Api/V8/OAuth2/public.key" permissions are not correct, should be 600 or 660 instead of 666 in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SuiteCRM\vendor\league\oauth2-server\src\CryptKey.php on line 57

However, as you can see, I am on Windows and I actually don't know how to set the permissions in a way that SuiteCRM accept them. ;-)
I also don't know if this is the real problem.

  1. cjacob member avatar


    2 months ago

    I found out that there has been an update to the OAuthServer that basically breaks it on Windows due to file permission checks that are incompatible to the permissions used on Linux.
    In another project that has been discussed and fixed by disabling the checks. Read more about that here:

    How can this be applied to SuiteCRM?

    • cjacob member avatar


      2 months ago

      In the constructor of CryptKey.php, I changed keyPermissionsCheck from true to false which seems to have solved the issue of wrong file permissions. However, the validation still won't return any results.

  2. cjacob member avatar


    2 months ago

    I quit the trial. I encountered too many problems such as this one and was not even able to get it to run even once.
    Maybe if this issue gets feedback how to solve it, I might consider retrying this plugin.

  3. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    2 months ago

    Hi there,

    Apologies for the lack of response and for the problems you encountered, SuiteCRM hosted on windows can have these problems from time to time. I appreciate the feedback you have provided above and I'll take a look at what could be causing the lack of validation once I can get a test environment setup and running.

    Please take care and I shall update you in the future should we be confident a fix is in place for these issues.


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