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#1184 - SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in causes Outlook to run very slow

Closed Bug? created by joecardamone Verified Purchase 2 years ago


Currently running SuiteCRM 7.10.5 (great product btw) and Outlook 2016 desktop (server is Office365)

When the SuiteCRM add-in is enabled, Outlook takes 10 or so minutes to open, runs very slow and on exit is completing either 6 tasks, or on occasion 1000's of tasks, meaning Outlook could take hours to shut down.

When this add-in is not enabled in Outlook, then Outlook performs fine.

Any ideas to assist please?

Kind regards,


  1. joecardamone member avatar

    joecardamone Verified Purchase

    2 years ago


    Further to this email, it appears activities in SuiteCRM are syncing as Tasks into Outlook. I currently have 30,000 tasks in Outllook. When I delete them from Outlook, they reappear.

    I cannot find any settings in the SuiteCRM Plug-in to sync activities or tasks so not sure how to disable this.



  2. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    The latest version 3.0.18 provides the ability to select which items you wish to sync over i.e. tasks etc. This version also has improved performance (but 30,0000 tasks is alot). Please open a new case if you require assistance in the latest version.

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