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#632 - Outlook plug in: can not select any custom modules or create any task or other

Closed General Question created by info32 2 years ago

Dear suitecrm team,

After installing the outlook plug-in without any problems, I can not select any custom modules created in suitecrm.
I can also not create any ask of other new items in outlook to save in suitecrm.
this problem occurs on any workstaion, using outlook 2010 and 2013/
Suitecrm was installed on Win2012r2 with Bitnami plug-in
I would like to start with the outlook plugin in a production enviroment, but if we can not solve this problem
i need to cancel the purchase.
I am a user of the software and not a system sofyware engineer of administrator., so please try to explain in a simple way, stap by stap or follow a video demo.

thank you in advance for your help,


Martin H

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