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#287 - Dergraded Outlook Performance with Plugin Enabled

Closed Bug? created by justinh Verified Purchase 3 years ago

I've recently purchased and installed version 3.0.2 of the Ultimate Plugin.

My system is a Core i7-4500U 16GB running Windows 10 with Outlook 2016 MSO(16.0.7830.1013) 32bit. SuiteCRM is version 7.6.5 locally hosted on MS Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.0.45.

After installing the plugin I noticed massively degraded performance and frequent freezing from Outlook while typing new emails, Outlook's open message and program windows are reported as "Not Responding" for a few moments every few minutes. Send and receive is slow. I was able to clear the problems by disabling the plugin, the symptoms return when the plugin is re-enabled.

  1. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi Justin,

    Is it possible if you could send over your SuiteCRM Outlook plugin logs to see if there is any obvious issues i.e. failures on either side.

    Have you seen a lack of response between the synchronisation between the two? How long does it take usually to create contacts/meetings etc between the two systems?
    How may contacts would you say roughly are you syncing up, or have then all been synced up and the degraded performance is still ongoing?

    Please send your logs to the following email address and reference this Case #287 outlook[at]salesagility[dot]com and we'll investigate.

    • SuiteCRM Team
    • justinh member avatar

      justinh Verified Purchase

      3 years ago

      Hi SuiteCRM Team,

      The logs were sent by email back on the 30th of April did you get them?

      Any luck as yet regarding the possible cause of the freeze?


  2. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi justinh,

    We are currently improving the infrastructure of the calls made to the CRM and this will be included in the next release which is imminent. We'll keep you updated with this.

    • SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin Team
  3. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi justinh

    Version 3.0.3 has been released and it includes large performance improvements. Please let us know how you get on.

    • SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin Team
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