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#1713 - Version 3.0.11 is Unusable with Outlook 2016, Massive Slowdown, Takes Forever to Start, Etc.

Closed Bug? created by mwhitlock 2 years ago

Dear SuiteCRM developers,

Like others here, our staff has ran into the issue that this plugin causes Outlook 2016 to take minutes (sometimes 20 minutes+) to open, and causes severe performance degradation on the host PC when enabled. The problems with Outlook are fixed if the plugin is disabled, but not using the product we're paying for is not a solution.

We have waited patiently for this to be resolved, as numerous tickets have been filed by others reporting this problem. There hasn't been a single update to this plugin in nearly a year, despite numerous complaints. So what is the status of this plugin? Will it be developed further and supported, or is the SuiteCRM developers abandoning this effort?

I look forward to a response.

  1. joecardamone member avatar

    joecardamone Verified Purchase

    2 years ago


    I have the same issue. Based on feedback in the support pages, it appears this plug in is not compatible with Outlook.

    Will it be fixed anytime soon or I will request a refund of my substription?



  2. mwhitlock member avatar


    a year ago

    Days (nearly a week) has passed since posting this support ticket, and I have yet to receive an official response. However, I have noticed others (who submitted a ticket AFTER this one) receive an official response from support staff.

    Here's the truth for anyone who cares... SuiteCRM is a complete disaster. The development of this product is completely unfocused, attempting to add feature after feature after feature after integration after integration, to areas that aren't even of concern to the vast majority of businesses who would use it, while its core functions (and the vast majority of the features and integrations mentioned) remain severely buggy if not completely broken. This project only highlights the problem - integration with the most common business application over the past 10 years (Outlook for goodness sake!) has been broken for over a year.

    Yes, I see GitHub. I know there are commits, the last being more than a month ago. Will any kind of update ever, EVER, be released to the public at large? What is holding it up? Integration with WIX?! WIX, SERIOUSLY?!

    I'm done. I've spent more than a year trying to make SuiteCRM work (and no, php5.5 hasn't really been compatible since version 7.7). I'm done trying to convince my colleagues to wait for Nessie to appear with the long fabled update that will make everything finally function as promised.

    I will be moving our company to an alternate solution as soon as possible.

  3. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi mwhitlock

    Sorry to hear your dissatisfaction with both SuiteCRM and SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in. The biggest issue that was affecting the public release of the SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in was regression issues that kept popping up which we felt we have reduced these to an acceptable level. The latest version does contain performance improvements but we are always trying to improve the add-on in this capability. If it still not a suitabe level to continue using then please create a new case. Thanks,

    Regards to the SuiteCRM project itself then I will pass your feedback onto the product team.

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