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#525 - Query sync outlook - SuiteCRM

Closed Bug? created by fabricefoucaud 3 years ago

Hello Team,
We took trial of your plugin "SuiteCRM Outlook-3.0.5.exe" and it looks working fine.

We are facing some queries on it.

Can you please let us know the sync between outlook and suitecrm happens automatically under what amount of time?
Example : I have created contact into my outlook. It should be sync to suitecrm. I am waiting since last 10 min to sync. What is the expected time to sync or scheduler to run?

  1. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi Fabrice,

    Waiting over 10 minutes for sync doesn't sound right. Is it possible if we could ask you to send your DEBUG logs (logs set at DEBUG level) during replicating the issue to our support email address outlook[at]salesagility[dot]com referencing this Ticket #525. If you could also include what PHP version you are running off of, that would be much appreciated and we'll investigate.

    • SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin Team
  2. fabricefoucaud member avatar


    3 years ago

    Yes sure, I just sent an email. Thx.

  3. fabricefoucaud member avatar


    3 years ago

    Hi Team, I resent new logs by email. thx.

  4. fabricefoucaud member avatar


    3 years ago

    Hi team, is there any updated after sending the plugin logs?

  5. armitagerain member avatar


    3 years ago

    After viewing code by myself, the schedule time of sync and auto-archive should be per 5 minutes.
    For my testing purpose, it is recommend to close and open Outlook, and then the sync and auto-archive task will be started immediately. :)

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