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#1893 - License Check failed

Closed Bug? created by ericpijfers1 Verified Purchase 5 months ago


The add-in has been working, and while I'm still in the 30 day trial period I get the message License Check failed. Had to terminate Outlook before the Add-in could be disabled. Test of the connection does work. Furthermore I noticed that Contacts, tasks (sync method to Both) create duplicate entries in both Outlook and SuiteCRM.

Thanks for the support with this.


  1. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    5 months ago

    Hi there,

    Could you please state what Outlook plugin version you are using?


  2. ericpijfers1 member avatar

    ericpijfers1 Verified Purchase

    4 months ago

    L.S. ,

    I'm still having this issue..Message comes up and wether I choose reconfigure or Disable, the message stays on top causing Outlook not being available. Have to terminate the Outlook process, restart and re-enable the add-in. Any resolution in the very near future please otherwise I have to dismiss this solution.

  3. ericpijfers1 member avatar

    ericpijfers1 Verified Purchase

    3 months ago


    After having purchased the license I do wonder what the level of support is that can be expected. Somehow I've managed to solve the license problem myself, the issue as described in this thread, however I do have multiple issues with the add-in primarily in errors when syncing mail with SuiteCRM, options like Sync now (contacts) not available (greyed out first, now disappeared totally) and many more.. Can we expect an update soon?

    Kind regards,

  4. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    2 months ago

    This issue identify as the main topic has been resolved in v3.0.20.

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