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#893 - Severals users on the same company

Closed General Question created by Mickey3d 3 years ago

How are you today ?

I would like ton use your "Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin" on the same company.

There are 8 users.
Each with Outlook (last version, 2016) bought from an office 365 monthly account.

I would like to use your plugin in order to sync all of the users info (Seamless synchronisations between contacts, meeting and tasks).

So, I will have "user1", "user2"... "user8" on my SuiteCrm.
All of them belong to the same account 'CustomerCompany'.

But how do you manage the duplicate content ?

For example, user3 and user5 can receive emails from the same sender.

So these 2 users can have the same contact (sender), but with slighty infos, but the same email address.

Can you help me out on the point ?

Thanks :)

  1. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Ideally there should be an assigned user to one company (why have all 8 assigned to the same company?). There should be a owner of that company that would be in charge of archiving the emails appropriately to avoid duplicate emails in the CRM. There is no duplication check on the plugin.

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