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#1280 - JSON parse error

Closed Bug? created by biuro1 2 years ago

While trying to logon to SuiteCRM from Outllok (first configuration) I'm receiving error as follows:
Failed to parse JSON (Unexpected character encountered while parsing value.... (find screenshoot attached).
SuiteCRM is self-hosted, Outlook 2016

Need fast solution as it is my trial period

Bartosz Kowalski

  1. jermeelsuitecrmcom member avatar


    2 years ago

    Hello, I am experiencing the same issue. My suitecrm instance is running 7.9.4. I have verified I can log in through the web interface. I installed the current version of the Outlook plugin on my windows machine running Windows 10 pro and MS Office Standard 2010.

    I have attached 3 screenshots. The first screenshot shows my config of the plugin. I get different error boxes depending on whether I specify to use http or https in the URL to my instance.

    box config.PNG

    http test login.PNG

    https test login.PNG

  2. jermeelsuitecrmcom member avatar


    2 years ago

    As a result I can't use the Outlook plugin at all, so this is a complete blocker.

  3. jermeelsuitecrmcom member avatar


    2 years ago

    Update: I upgraded my instance of SuiteCRM to 7.10.7 and now I can connect via the plugin when I specify a valid URL using https. Still getting a parse error if I try to specify the same url but with the http protocol. At least I can log in now.

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