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#394 - Losing plugin settings when CRM is not reachable

Closed Bug? created by olafkoester 3 years ago


I'm experiencing the following problem:

I use SuiteCRM OutlookpPlugin on Outlook 2016 / Windows 10 / Lenovo Ultrabook
I'm out of office very often and when I start Outlook then, SuiteCRM plugin tries to connect to our CRM that is not available at this time.
Plugin comes up with popup saying "Reconfigure"(?) and "Disable". Since I do neither want to change the configuration nor want to disable the plugin I close the window with the (X) in the upper right corner and all seems fine.
But when back in office and starting Outlook, plugin does not work anymore.
When examining the issue I figured out, that all configuration information has gone.
No more login data, no more sync settings and also syncing of calendar and contacts is set to none.
And, my license key is gone too.

So, to make it work again I always have to fetch my license key again, and also have to do all settings again.

This is not what I expected from that plugin, makes it not really useful for me...

Please have a look on that.

Thank you

  1. olafkoester member avatar


    3 years ago

    P.S. Version is used

  2. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi olafkoester,

    Is it possible if we could ask you to send your DEBUG logs (logs set at DEBUG level) during replicating the issue to our support email address outlook[at]salesagility[dot]com referencing this Ticket #394. If you could also include what PHP version you are running off of, that would be much appreciated and we'll investigate.

    SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin Team

  3. kent member avatar

    kent Verified Purchase

    3 years ago

    Kind of hard, since there isnt any way of replicating the issue. It just occur sometimes without any spesific explanations.............

  4. olafkoester member avatar


    3 years ago

    As @kent mentioned, it is hard to replicate since error does only occur sometimes when not expected. Since my last comment I tried to do several times what I did before:
    Starting Outlook without any network connection (and so of course no connection to SuiteCRM) to trigger that mentioned error message. But no "success" :(

    I send some debug logs that I think they might include the error(s). But really, I'm not sure if they really do...
    In one log you'll find another error about time format problems. Maybe you have a solution on that... ;-)

  5. suitecrm member avatar

    SuiteCRM Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    This fix is included in v3.0.5

    • SuiteCRM Team
  6. stevenhamoen member avatar


    3 years ago

    Seems that it is not completely resolved. I just experienced the same behavior again. Here is the log file:

    SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In v3.0.5.0 in Outlook version
    Auto-archiving: off

    Logging level: Error

    2017-06-21 08:38:20,884 | Background | ERROR | Failed to connect to licence server because ProtocolError
    System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
    at SuiteCRMAddIn.BusinessLogic.LicenceValidationHelper.Validate()
    2017-06-21 08:38:20,884 | Background | ERROR | Licence server responded "Key is required."
    2017-06-21 08:39:43,204 | Background | ERROR | Auto-archiving: off
    2017-06-21 08:39:43,204 | Background | ERROR | Logging level: Error
    2017-06-21 08:40:22,884 | VSTA_Main | ERROR | Auto-archiving: ON
    2017-06-21 08:40:22,884 | VSTA_Main | ERROR | Logging level: Error

    So I get the message that the key is required and all information is lost!

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