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#3119 - Unable to Authinticate

Closed Bug? created by ghansen Verified Purchase 3 months ago

I've followed the set up instructions for V4.0.0.

SuiteCRM 7.11.15
Outlook Exchange, utilizing desktop client

Have validated the plugin
created the user list
Created a Client Password and autogenerated ID
Created the XML file
installed XML to Outlook desktop client

Typed in Authentication Credentials and when I click submit I get the following "An unknown error has occurred, please check input and try again.

outlook v4 pluggin.PNG

I double checked the XML file and it is pointing to the my website and when copy and past the links in the XML file they will bring up the PNG files on my server.

I have not set up the Auto Archiving settings at this moment. and those fields are empty.

  1. ghansen member avatar

    ghansen Verified Purchase

    3 months ago

    You can excuse this ticket, saw the same issue below after posting. followed the instruction on creating the key files and the authentication worked.

    Thank you. This can be closed.

  2. julianwegner member avatar


    3 months ago

    Dear ghansen,
    I have the same problem. Can you post the link to the manual, where the creation of the key files is described? Thanks.

  3. ghansen member avatar

    ghansen Verified Purchase

    3 months ago

    JuilanWegner. I followed the instructions from these directions. Basically I was missing the required cencryption key file that needs to be present. These instructions tell you how to create this.

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