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#1720 - Outlook 2016 unable to launch, or launches with significant delays

Closed Bug? created by davidbakker 9 months ago

Hello, we've tried to use this product, however the last of our users can no longer use Outlook 2016 as it slows the program down to the point that it becomes unusable. Unfortunately, we've had to disable this plugin for all of our licenses. Since we're unable to use this plugin despite our best efforts, could you refund us our license fee and cancel our licenses?

  1. jason member avatar


    8 months ago

    Hello David,

    Sorry for the poor experience. I have refund the charge and canceled the subscription.

    Jason Eggers
    The SuiteCRM Store

  2. davidbakker member avatar


    7 months ago

    Hello, our accounting department didn't see the refund, and it turns out that the card that was initially used to purchase the extension was cancelled due to an employee leaving the company. Is it possible to refund to another card, or refund us via ACH? Thanks, David Bakker

    • jason member avatar


      7 months ago

      Hi David,

      The funds have been accepted by the bank for the card on file and is no longer in our account. I will send you an email with the details shortly.

      Jason Eggers
      The SuiteCRM Store

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