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Control what your users can access and save time, money, and frustrations. Lock down sensitive data in SuiteCRM to specific groups or teams. Supports unlimited assigned users, unlimited group assignments to records, custom layouts for each group, login/sudo capabilities and much more.

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#2241 Inherit from Parent on existing records - We have a security group for each sales person and their Accounts are assigned to their correspondin Amy In Progress General Question
#2231 Slow Query due to SecuritySuite - Users are experience very slow queries and filters. The slow performance occurs with all users othe Grace Christian University In Progress General Question
#2218 Custom Layouts Always Saving As Default - Hello, We have recently upgraded to SuiteCRM 7.11.7 and Upgraded our Security Suite to 3.1.17. When mllaferriere In Progress Bug?
#2200 Security Suite Installation - I am following the Intallation Video. During Module Loader it hangs at 17% See attached screen sho KnightFlyer Closed Bug?
#2118 Trial has expired and I cannot i access my crm! - I have this issue when the trial of the plugin ended. It does not allow me to access my crm! ``` crm2 In Progress Bug?
#2048 Module licence config bug - We found a bug that majorly affects our application. The bug is the following ``` PHP Fatal erro crm2 Closed Bug?
#2047 Notes and Target Lists missing Security Groups field to add in Studio for FILTER layouts - Even though the Notes, Target Lists and Email Templates contain the Security Groups subpanels, when cholly Closed Bug?
#2014 Multi-Group user and convert Lead to Account - When I test a multi-Group user with the settings of Use Creator Group Select and Inherit from Parent cholly Closed Bug?
#2009 Rename Security Groups subpanel title - Hello, I would like to rename the Security Groups subpanel title. Where/how do I do this? Thanks, cholly Closed General Question
#1967 Users cannot see module after install 7.11.4 - SuiteCRM 7.11.4 Security 3.1.115 (7.11.4) We have completed this upgrade and this version is t In Progress Bug?
#1921 You have been logged out because your session has expired. - After installation of Security Suite on 3/25, the newly created users are not able to login. Dis rdprasadravi Closed Bug?
#1894 Additional Assigned to in workflow - Additional Assigned to field is a great feature. Issue I am having is, I am trying to create a workl rdprasadravi In Progress Bug?
#1879 Worfklwos for Additional Users field - Hello there, I want to create workflow if a lead is assigned under user "X" to add va it7 In Progress Feature
#1853 Created Role for Non-Admin to be Admin for User Module - Hi the sole purpose I wanted to try this module is to provide a non-admin user (for example ABC) adm rdprasadravi In Progress Bug?
#1850 nonadmin users see the default layout instead of the layout for their security group - nonadmin users see the default layout instead of the layout for their security group. We have tried Grace Christian University Closed Bug?
#1807 Layout Tab/Panel naming Issue - It appears that when editing the layout view for a groups layout it is forcibly taking upon the name Grace Christian University Closed Bug?
#1775 Security groups from related Records - Hi Jason, we have noticed an issue with a clients system which has a lot of relate fields. if we cre FibreCRM In Progress Bug?
#1755 This page isn’t working after complete the instalation - After plugin installation finished then Suite CRM becomes as unavailable. It looks like CRM crash. itadmin In Progress Bug?
#1741 User with no permissions to edit is till able to add records in sub panels - I am trying to set up user accounts for an internal web development project with a bunch of custom m Gha In Progress Bug?
#1706 SuiteCRM 7.11 support - When will you support new SuiteCRM 7.11 version? oc666 Closed General Question
#1683 Installation Package for Suite Version 7.4.3 - Dear eggsurplus Team, We have bought your plugin but the latest/oldest available install file is diligent Open Installation
#1671 Sudo login - audit log error - Can you please assist me with investigating this issue for a client Whilst using pseduo login for t In Progress Bug?
#1657 Security Group Layouts edit view detail view syncing from Default - I have created a security group we will call Sales for the sake of this ticket. I created a Sales la Grace Christian University Closed Bug?
#1655 unable to deploy multiple "Assigned to" field in Projects module - We are trying to use FrontEnd Implicit to sync emails to custom modules --- we were given a solution mta In Progress Bug?
#1654 Listview Mass Action "Delete" still visible after disabling in user role - When I set "Delete" to none within a role I created, it does not disappear from the listvi kinetix In Progress Bug?
#1640 Is it possible to use it on a "drop-down" - Is it possible to define which option will be display in a drop-down list based on security group? ydl In Progress Feature
#1632 Create Security Groups and Roles - Hi, We are using SecuritySuite-Enhaced in our system and we have a requirement that I do not kno jva_alteridea In Progress General Question
#1571 Cannot set status to an user with granted admin rights - SecuritySuite Version: Plan: Professional SuiteCRM Vers BoXBo In Progress Bug?
#1567 SecuritySuite Installation Issue - SecuritySuite installed in Module Loader, but cannot find in Administration screen and also broke co Grace Christian University In Progress Installation
#1535 Security Overwritten? - We spent quite a bit of time setting up security groups and roles for our 200+ org. We bought Se rickdolishny In Progress Installation
#1532 Login As - I really only wanted the ability to 'login as' an employee/user. How do I access this feature? rickdolishny Closed General Question
#1513 stuck on installation - I can't get past 17% installing on my development site. ![Screenshot_3.jpg](https://store.suitec rickdolishny Closed Installation
#1465 Inherit - Custom Modules From Accounts - Hi, I have a custom module relate to account with relations one-to-many ( accounts -> custom_mod sbonaldo In Progress Bug?
#1439 SG doesn't work fine for us - We can't get users to edit other users when they have permission to edit their group in the user mod info50 In Progress Bug?
#1428 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in include/generic/SugarWidgets/SugarWidgetSubPanelTopArchiveEmailButton.php on line 92 - There is a missing comment close tag in the file ~include/generic/SugarWidgets/SugarWidgetSubPanelTo BoXBo Closed Bug?
#1424 Retrieve Group from Custom Module to Other Custom Module - Hi, I've two custom modules and they are related One-to-many (A->B) relationship. When I relate sbonaldo In Progress General Question
#1409 Incompatibility with Suite CRM version 7.9.4 - The plugin is incompatible with Suite CRM version 7.9.4. We wanted to use this plugin for our busine riyazg In Progress Bug?
#1405 Not able to validate the new key - Hi Team, We already had a SecuritySuite Plugin installed on our suiteCRM for which the trial t AS Dev In Progress Bug?
#1364 Manager Layouts - Hello, I have multiple security groups for each sales team, all with specific layouts for sstewart In Progress Bug?
#1322 User with full access to SG can't filter by SG - Users with full access in roles to SG module can't filter by SG. Only the admin see all the security info50 In Progress Bug?
#1309 SecurityGroup has a deprecated constructor - Good morning, We are receiving the following error in the SuiteCRM.log file multiple times sstewart In Progress Bug?
#1244 Normal users with full access to users module can't list users - We have a role "admin" for Normal users (assigned directly) with full access to users modu info50 Closed Bug?
#1235 Question reg. "Custom group layouts" feat. - Hi guys. Quick question: we need to allow edition of certain fields in Edit View to specific gro rcairello Closed General Question
#1211 History / View Summary shows records of ALL security groups, not only the current security group - Suitecrm ; all versions, including 7.10. All fresh installation (no upgrade) I have accounts that a menno Closed Bug?
#1099 CORS - Any impact on Security Suite - One of the plug-ins we use with our Sugar CE implementation is requesting that we configure CORS - C BobTTS Closed General Question
#1084 allow non admin users to remove security groups they are part of. - Hi is it possible to allow non admin users to remove security groups they are a part of ? FibreCRM In Progress General Question
#1072 Key not working - Dear Team, we have purchased key for Security group and firstly we installed it on Staging Enviro anuragchoube In Progress Installation
#1067 Field Level Security - I have the software installed and working correctly however I have one situation that I am trying to peterjakob Closed General Question
#991 7.10 Support - Hi, do you have a date when you will release the support for 7.10? Thanks Daniel daniel Closed General Question
#993 User admin cannot create new users - I do not understand the last note for "General User Admin": Admins for the Users module wi BoXBo Closed Bug?
#962 view all groups in filter. - Hi, we are using groups to mark which account is known by which user. is it possible in the filter FibreCRM Closed General Question
#939 Duplication of AOR reports removes fields and conditions from parent record - After opening an issue an SuiteCRM ( it looks l BoXBo Closed Bug?
#910 Assigning to a Group User at Additional Assigned Users - When I assign a record (ie an Account) at Additional Assigned User and give the value of a Group Use atsakalis Closed Bug?
#880 Layouts not applying to Security Group - We have a Module called Line Items that is only used to display within our Orders Module. I can cre jteeple In Progress Bug?
#865 After installing SecuritySuite, new users cannot add Tabs or Dashlets - After installing SecuritySuite, new users cannot add Tabs or Dashlets. If a newly created user tries jva_alteridea Closed Bug?
#864 SecuritySuite blocks Campaign - Suitecrm 7.8.9 fresh install with blocks the Campaign from c drichardson Closed Bug?
#859 Ordered incorrect version - We ordered the Enhanced version and should have ordered Enterprise version. How can we get this cor jteeple Closed Installation
#832 Uninstallation Breaks Base Security Groups - Searched for answer to this. All responses have been made via email to those with problems. Help p micahyarborough In Progress Bug?
#823 Cannot Load Module. - We are on Suite version 7.9.7 running on Linux with a SQL server back-end. When I try to load the co jteeple In Progress Bug?
#798 Group Exporting - When I export from a group as a regular user I get a messaging saying 'Exports Disabled'. It works blackwater In Progress General Question
#792 Layout Issue - Hello, I am currently using SuiteCRM 7.8.1 and using version Security Groups - Full Edition 2.9.6 peterjakob Closed Bug?
#773 Is it possible to dynamically remove ability to edit sets of records based on a value in the record itself? - **Current Environment:** - SuiteCRM v7.8.2 - Apache 2.4 - PHP 5.6 - MariaDB 10.2 - Ubunt Armin Closed General Question
#741 Inherit security group to all related entries on assign user. - Hello, I have a Security Group A and users assigned to A should only see for instace opportuniti velrest In Progress General Question
#739 How can non-admin users create own role and assign permission for module? - I have create a sales team manager having access of lead module in security group say "east pixxmedia In Progress Feature
#731 Filter search by groups not working in security suit. - I have go though this link, As we have pixxmedia In Progress Bug?
#728 Problem Setting Role permissions - I am using the version of software for SuiteCRM 7.8.1 and am having a problem with assigning permiss peterjakob Closed Bug?
#725 Need security suite for 7.7.9 version - we have opted for trail pacakage and only can see security from 7.8.3 version.Do you provide it for bodhi.sharma Closed Bug?
#721 User data management in using security suite plugin Role and group wise - HI we have created two group as ABC and XYZ and create two role as salesmen and sale-admin . Here pixxmedia In Progress General Question
#660 Versions - Hello I am currently using ver 2.9.6 Full Edition. Is the most recent version posted the correc peterjakob Closed Installation
#658 Key validation is not working - Hi I've purchased the "SecuritySuite - Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams" from SuiteCRM store. I' BoXBo Closed Bug?
#618 Users module permissions - Hi! I can't set permissions to Users module when editing a specific role. Is it a bug? All permissio gustavonesa Closed Bug?
#616 Custom view based on a specific field value - Hi, I want to know if it is possible to show/hide certain records to specific users depending on a f gustavonesa Closed Feature
#609 custom groups layouts not working correctly - Hi, we have SecuritySuite installed in our SuiteCRM system and are having problems using custom g admin6 Closed Bug?
#538 Create but not Edit - Hi, I am currently running Version 7.8.3 of Suite CRM and the lastest 3.1.0 version of SS. I daniel Closed Bug?
#516 Error ejecucuion de workflows - Cuando se ejecutan la tarea automática de worflows arroja los siguientes menajes de error sbustos Closed Bug?
#460 Install Error - I just installed SecuritySuite 7.9.1 and it will not allow me to log into my site. Error http 500. drichardson Closed Bug?
#372 URGENT-Security Suite Not working properly in 7.8.3 - When we upgraded to 7.8.3 from 7.4, the search functionality changed from text field to a filter but stephentew Closed Bug?
#358 URGENT - cannot access some ADMIN functions - I have just installed SecurtySuite and validated my lic. I have been cutting over a PROD system and peterjakob Closed Installation
#332 Can´t install module - Hi, i've bought this extension and when i install it, I get the progress bar to 100% but it doesn't mvpeluffo Closed Installation
#330 How to find source of Red (None/No Rights) for Admin User? - ![steve schultz security grid.PNG]( sschultz Closed General Question
#329 How best to make an Account and/or Contact visible to only Assigned To? (creator maybe?) - Hi, I would like to keep personal information about some of my contacts private. Meaning an accou sschultz In Progress General Question
#328 Inbound email group not working - I can not get the Inbound Mail to be properly seen only by the group it is assigned to. I have turne damianatorrpm Closed Bug?
#325 suitecrm - how to login as other user? - is login as different user (for testing) available in SuiteCRM? If so, how? sschultz Closed Feature
#290 Security Groups are not working for new users since upgrade to your latest release - Security Groups are not working for new users since upgrade to your latest release, SuitCRM is on th daniel Closed Bug?
#269 double sidebar entry - After installation on the left side the actions are duplicated, see screenshoot.![bug.png](https://s damianatorrpm Closed Bug?
#253 SecuritySuite - does not work as expected - when I changed the filed name for Group A (fax to be faxA), but in Group B, the field was changed at lcyang Closed General Question
#196 Enhanced Security Module Communication ports - What are the communication ports used by the Enhanced Security Module? blackwater Closed General Question
#182 Installation Failure Suite CRM Version 7.6.4 Sugar Version 6.5.23 - Hello, When installing the module through the module loader, I get to 17% then the installation f opolanco Closed General Question
#111 In the custom module,the user group can not be modified after a customer is assigned to the user group - In the custom module,the user group can not be modified after a customer is assigned to the user g williamchen Closed Bug?
#103 Will this plug-in support Chinese ? - I would like to know whether this plug-in(SecuritySuite - Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams) support Chine williamchen Closed General Question
#67 How do I add a group to the recording inside editviewdefs - Good afternoon. Question. How do I add a group to the recording inside editviewdefs (documents, ao johnby Closed Feature
#65 That is, the employee can choose any (10-20, more) group in which he is not a member. - We have a lot of teams (10-20, more) Our team has a need for employees to have seen all of the grou johnby Closed Feature
#63 suitectm 7.7.1 - More precisely, he probably stopped working. - I confirm your words. Installed on version 7.7 Initially, everything worked fine. After upgradi johnby Closed Bug?
#58 Uninstallation - After uninstalling the SecuritySuite, the default SecuritySuite of the SuiteCRM doesn't work. While lokilivesevil Closed General Question
#17 Permission Settings - We have the following need: We have two sales groups, each with a sales admin. The sales admin sh wpadmin Closed General Question
#16 License Key - I have installed this plugin on SuiteCRM 7.5.3. After the install finishes I am asked for the licens wpadmin Closed Installation