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#3823 - Additional assigned users and workflows

Open General Question created by diegoandsu Verified Purchase a year ago

Hi, I want to add/remove uses from the additional assigned users field using a workflow when a certain condition is met. For example 1. If Case status = stuck and last modified date I want to set the assigned to = Supervisoruser and add the currently assigned to user to the additional assigned users field


  1. If case is assigned to someone in a particular security group then remove anyone else in the same group from the additional assigned users.

When I go to create the workflow there seems to be no way to select the additional assigned users in the contidtion or action sections.


  1. diegoandsu member avatar

    diegoandsu Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    NOTE. I meant "last modified date is more than 5 hours ago"

  2. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi Diego,

    That is correct. Currently workflows do not support additional assigned users. This would have to instead be done via code in a logic hook. I will follow up here when workflows are supported.

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