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Add an additional layer of security by allowing only one person to log in as a user at a time. Prevent multiple users from using the same credentials at the same time. The user previously logged in will be logged out automatically and be prompted with a message.

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Enforce Secure Practices

SuiteCRM Prevent Concurrent Login makes sure that only one user can log in with that user account at a time.

From a security point of view, single user sessions can help a user detect that their account is being used elsewhere.

For example, upon logon if a user receives a message that their account is already logged on at another location, they will be alerted to the fact that their credentials have been compromised and that they should perhaps change their password.

Characteristic / Features

Your existing session will be logged out upon new session generate for same user.

And notice will be displayed on the screen : "This session has ended because another session has been started under the same username."

Note: Also compatible with SecuritySuite's Login as feature.


Easy to Configure

It is very easy to configure as well. You just enable this feature from the Administrator tools.


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