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#1535 - Security Overwritten?

In Progress Installation created by rickdolishny 3 years ago

We spent quite a bit of time setting up security groups and roles for our 200+ org.

We bought SecuritySuite primarily to take advantage of 'login-as'.

When we bought it and installed it, login-as worked but it seemed to break our permissions. For example, nobody in our 'sales rep' role could create anything: accounts, leads, contacts and more.

We disabled SecuritySuite and it all worked again, but we lost the login-as.

Is there a KB article or best practice for installing SecuritySuite and adopting existing settings? I'm not looking forward to setting things up again manually, unless there's a significant benefit.

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    There are a few steps that need to be ran after installing it that will fix these issues. Please enable the plugin again and run these process:

    • Admin->Repair->Quick Repair & Rebuild (execute any generated SQL)
    • Admin->Repair->Rebuild Relationships
    • Admin->Repair->Repair Roles

    That last one is the key to fixing the issue of not being able to create anything. SecuritySuite adds a new Create option to the role grids. You don't have to set these in your existing roles to start. Doing the repair will make it work as you have it already.

    Let me know how it goes after running these steps. This should resolve any issues you are seeing.


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