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Log SuiteCRM Users activities like User Login, Logout, Record Create, Update, Delete on any module with IP address of the User

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SuiteCRM Users Activities Logger

Log SuiteCRM Users activities like

  • User Login
  • User Logout
  • Create Record
  • Update Record
  • Delete Record
  • IP Address



  • Very easy to configure, just enable / disable the module from Admin panel
  • All modules create, update or delete entry will be logged into single module, so it will be easy to create report on single module, instead creating diffrent reports on individual modules
  • You can also create Dashlets like you create for any other modules
  • You can directly open parent record from Users Activity Logger record, all the records are linked to associated parent record on which actual activity was done.



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  • "Been using 6+ months and it's a solid add-on everyone should install. It really helps us gain insight into our user's activities so we can better supp..." - Ward

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