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Quick Updater makes it possible for you to update related records directly from any record that links to it. This will help you to quickly update records as you no longer need to save and then click into each related record to edit and save again.

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The Quick Updater extension for SuiteCRM gives users the ability to edit related records (1:m, 1:1) when in Create/Edit view of the primary record. This extension adds an “Edit” icon next to each Relate field with which you can edit without having to leave the page.

Quick Updater makes it possible for users to stay working on a single record without having to go through the time intensive, back and forth process to the relate field page to update the record and then back to the parent record.


On clicking the icon, it brings up the “Quick Update View” and lets user to edit & save the related records immediately.

Click the Edit Icon


Edit the Related Record Immediately


Key features that make our extension unique:

  • Supports all 1:m and 1:1 relate fields
  • Adds “Update” Icon to all relevant fields
  • Enables ‘one click‘ update of the related record
  • No additional configuration needed.
  • Plug & play module
  • Available on SuiteCRM Marketplace

Learn more about how it works in our User Guide

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