A nice, simple solution to what used to be an annoying, time wasting scenario. From any relate field on a record you can now edit and update the related data without leaving the edit screen.

Before, if you needed to update something such as the account address from a contact record you would have to save the contact, go to the account, click on edit, then change the address and save. With Quick Updater it's just a click of a button on the contact to bring up the account record to edit and save. ‚Äč

Highlevel Overview

Quick Updater makes it possible for you to update related records directly from any record that links to it. This will help you to quickly update records as you no longer need to save and then click into each related record to edit and save again.

Click on the new edit button by any relate field

Edit Relate Field Icon

Then edit that record without leaving the page

Edit Relate Data in SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution go to Quick Updater or search for "quick updater".

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