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SuiteCRM Rating Field Plugin Rate and mark all your customers and opportunities at a glance. Give each record a visual score to help focused on your most important business first !

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It has never been easier to Score your data!

Add rating fields to any SuiteCRM module, including custom modules, right from the Studio. No coding required !

Setting visual indicators on data is natural and really helpful to be able to distinguish at a glance the most important Accounts or Contacts in your Database.

It helps your Sales Rep keep focused on important business folders and will help managers to check the key Accounts or Opportunities.


Our module allow any Sugar Administrator to manage a new field Type - Rating - directly inside the Studio :

  • Create a field,
  • Specify the number of stars to display,
  • Choose widget size and faces, customize texts,
  • and voila, you're done !

Scoring Field introduces a lot of possibilities and differences faces to match your requirements : Stars, bullets medals, ... Choose the faces that matches your need.


You get a gorgeous field that you will just have to drag and drop on your layouts (including Detail, Edit, List, and Search views)

ListView :


ListView (with filtering turned on) :


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