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Create business logic for field calculations without needing to write custom code. You can select calculated field and create the formula that is automatically updated based on calculation you provide.

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Grow your business using Calculated Fields to automate manual calculations & lessen the code for complex calculations

Key Features

  • Calculated Fields let you to automate your manual calculations used in your business production.
  • You can give a field in your formula for dynamic calculations
  • Available Functions : Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, String Length, Concatenation, Log(Logarithm), Ln(Natural Log), Absolute, Average, Power, Date Difference, Percentage, Mod(Modulo), Minimum, Negate, Floor, Ceil ,Add hours,Add day,Add week,Add month,Add year,Sub hours,Sub days,Sub week,Sub month,Sub year,Diff days,Diff hour,Diff minute,Diff month,Week Diff,Diff year
  • A rich conditional support we provide: you can make a big calculation here, a nested formula
  • You can insert manual value or Field or both together to create formula. For e.g. add(field1,200,sub(100,field2))
  • You can use calculated field also to make further formula

Screen Shots

  • Download and Install the plugin Admin-> Module Loader -> Upload & Install ‘SuiteCRM Calculated Fields’ -> Configure your License

  • Configure your license first Admin-> SuiteCRM Calculated Fields -> License Configuration

Screenshot-2018-2-13 SuiteCRM(2).png

  • After Configuring your License
    Admin -> Repair -> Do 'Quick Repair & Rebuild'

  • Studio -> 'Module' -> Add Fields -> Select 'Data Type' : Calculated Field

Screenshot-2018-2-13 SuiteCRM(3).png

  • Click ‘Edit Formula’ to write your formula Screenshot-2018-2-13 SuiteCRM(4).png

Result of the above formula Screenshot-2018-2-13 SuiteCRM(5).png

  • Calculate Percentage Screenshot from 2018-02-13 12-28-24.png

Result of Percentage Formula Screenshot-2018-2-13 SuiteCRM(6).png

  • Calculate Date Difference Screenshot from 2018-02-13 12-44-25.png

Result of Date Difference Screenshot-2018-2-13 SuiteCRM(7).png

  • Concatenation Example Screenshot from 2018-02-13 13-00-20.png

Result of Concatenation Screenshot-2018-2-13 SuiteCRM(8).png

  • Calculate Subtract Month submonth1.png


Result of Subtract Month submonthfnal.png

  • Calculate Difference Minute d1.png


Result of Minute Difference


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