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Create business logic for field calculations without needing to write custom code. You can select calculated field and create the formula that is automatically updated based on calculation you provide.

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#2338 Calculation are made on the fly or they are stored in the database? - Want to know if calculated fields are stored in the database Adolfo Open General Question
#2249 Workflow calculated field - I have issue with creating formula on workflow , two parameters that i need to multiply are opportu rhosseinali Open Bug?
#2247 Creating calculate field - We need to have a calculate field on report module but i have a problem that, i dont know what need rhosseinali Closed Bug?
#1848 Question - Hello, Is the calculated field, can come from fields of different modules. Example: An Account mod Genius Closed Bug?
#1589 Very simple multiplication not working - I have 2 fields Probability (integer) Target KPI Fee (integer) Here is the formula: mul(probab rickcarlson Closed Bug?
#1515 concat doens't work. Shows concat values as string instead of field values - Iam using the SuiteCRM-Version 7.10.9 the concat function isn't working if i try to do the same sedat Closed Bug?
#1033 cannot download latest version - Hi, I cannot download latest version of your module "SuiteCRMCalculatedFields_Monthly_12march20 whitecoat Closed Bug?
#1025 Maximum function is not included - There is the Minimum function, but the Maximum function is not included, which is just as necessary. elara Closed Feature
#1024 Format - It would be very helpful if the format of the field could be defined: number as x, xxx.xx (separatio elara Open Feature
#1012 Question - When are the fields calculated - is it the save event? when the record is retrieved? Does it calcu peterjakob Closed General Question