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#2871 - Dynamic calculation

Open General Question created by Groupe Cahors a year ago


before ordering the plugin, i d like to be sure of the way the plugin is working
In our business , when we are editing a record, we need that the calculation field would be updated as soon as we have modified one of the field the calculation is based of, and not only on the save button . Is it the case ?

For example , i have field 1, field 2 and field 3 (calculation field) as a result of field 1 + field 2. When i m editing the record and modify the value of field 1 or field 2, i want fied 3 to be updated straight away.

Thank's in advance for your answer

  1. tactionsoftware member avatar

    TechEsperto Solutions LLC. Provider

    a year ago


    The plugin works on Save by firing a logic hook. It does not work by way of showing values in user interface.


  2. Cahors member avatar

    Groupe Cahors

    a year ago

    Thank's for the answer. So it will not work for us.

  3. tactionsoftware member avatar

    TechEsperto Solutions LLC. Provider

    11 months ago

    We will check and update you soon.
    Thank you

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