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At a glance, view high level summaries of all related data for a given record. For example, see how many contacts an account has or the total value of all quotes combined for a contact.

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Summary fields display on top of the record as Count/SUM/MIN/MAX/AVG of related record fields. Very useful for highlighting and quickly identifying when a record needs immediate action or attention.



For example: You could see the Total of Paid Invoice of a company or even a total Unpaid Invoice of a company to see if a followup with customer is necessary. Same thing for tickets. Display Total # of open Tickets against a company. It will help the support team and manager to manage tickets quickly.

Here are some of the features that make our extension unique.

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Supports All Standard & Custom SuiteCRM Modules
  3. Headers can be added to any module
  4. Create unlimited number of Custom Summary Headers
  5. Support major mathematical operation
  6. Fully Customizable (color, icon, field, label)
  7. Supports related module fields (show Organization status on Contact’s header)
  8. Module Manager Compatible
  9. Available on SuiteCRM Store


See more about how it works in our User Guide

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