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At a glance, view high level summaries of all related data for a given record. For example, see how many contacts an account has or the total value of all quotes combined for a contact.

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User Guide

Steps For Using Summary Fields Features:

Step 1:

To open the Administration Page,Click on Admin tab, as shown in below screenshot.


Step 2:

Open Administration page, Click on Summary Fields from the Other section.


Step 3:

On click of the link, Summary Fields list view page will be open.
(Note: If there is no record, than it will show link “You Currently have no records saved. Create one now”). as shown in the below screenshot. Click on Create link to add new record.


Step 4:

on click of CREATE link, Summary Fields page will be open, as shown in the below screenshot. You will need to Select Module, Subpanel’s Module, Subpanel’s Module Fields also select Operation like (Count, Min, Max, Mul, etc), Text Color, Background Color and Show As and then click on NEXT button to go to next step.
(Note: you can also click on Related Module Custom Filter, to go to next step, CANCEL button is used to redirect to the listview of the Summary Fields, CLEAR button is used to clear the data selected/filled from all the fields)



Step 5:

Check the checkbox to apply filter and select custom filter From “Related Module Custom Filter” dropdown.
(Note: Values from the custom filter is displayed first, we can able to change the values and save it)



Step 6:

Click on ADD CONDITIONS button to add multiple conditions, and then click on SAVE button to save the record. You can able to select field only which have empty value in custom filter (Previous step).



Step 7:

After clicking SAVE button, listview will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 8:

Now check in Accounts module, Select Invoices from the INVOICES subpanel of the accounts module.


Step 9:

You can able to see Related Subpanel Module, Show As Text which is mentioned in configuration and count of records as operation mention in configuration are displayed on the detail view of module’s record, as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 10:

Now go to listview and select checkbox and click on “Duplicate” button, to duplicate the selected record as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 11:

Now you can change the existing record and click on “save”, another record gets saved, as shown in the below screenshots.





Step 12:

Now check detail view of Invoices module again, as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 13:

To update the record, click on pencil icon from the list view, as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 14:

To add new record, click on ADD NEW button, as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 13:

To delete the record, select records and click on DELETE button, as shown in the below screenshot.




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