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List Summary Plugin is used to show summarized data of any modules as well as sub-panel module of selected module using mathematical operation (Count, Min, Max, Sum, Average etc..)

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List Summary extension in any module helps to display Summary information about the record list.

Here is the some of the advantage of List Summary extension.

Use Case # 1 : if you're a healthcare company and if you wants to see summary information patient's as below.

  1. # of Patient's appointments Today
  2. # of Visits today

Patient's Visit.png

Use Case #2 : if you're a Insurance company and would need to display insurance data as summary information on record list to help any users.

  1. Insurance product sales this week : $9999.00
  2. Total customer Signup this month : 100

List Summary extension helps users to get Quick information about any information from SuiteCRM. This extension is complete configurable from settings.


Here are some of the features that make our extension unique.

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Supports All Standard & Custom SuiteCRM Modules
  3. Headers can be added to any module
  4. Create unlimited number of Custom Summary Headers
  5. Support major mathematical operation
  6. Fully Customizable (color, icon, field, label)
  7. Supports related module fields
  8. Module Manager Compatible
  9. Available on SuiteCRM Store

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