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At a glance, view high level summaries of all related data for a given record. For example, see how many contacts an account has or the total value of all quotes combined for a contact.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4181 Ordering multiple Summary fields on 1 module - Hello :) I have multiple Summary Fields for 1 module and I am unable to set the order they are dis t Closed Feature
#4141 Duplicating Summary - Hi When I deploy this module and create a summary field for Event module it duplicates and shows t Closed Bug?
#2856 add summary field of call log - How can I add the call log count as summary field on the Account module? weiaunooi Closed Feature
#1715 Cannot create Summary Fields on accounts - I created a Summary Fields on AOS_Contracts (Contrats in french): OK I try to create one on Account BVDC Closed Bug?