The Summary Fields add-on is great for adding key information to the top of any module view. For example, show the outstanding balance due for a given account. Or number of open support tickets for a contact. Based on a record's related data, show the count, summation, minimum, maximum, or average of the data that is most important to your organization.

Summary Fields Overview

At a glance, view high level summaries of all related data for a given record. For example, see how many contacts an account has or the total value of all quotes combined for a contact.

Highlight Key Information

See the Total of Paid Invoice of a company or the total Unpaid Invoice of a company to see if a followup with customer is necessary. Same thing for tickets. Display Total # of open Tickets against a company. It will help the support team and manager to manage tickets quickly.


To learn more about this solution go to Summary Fields or search for "summary".

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