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#3959 - Trying to add 6 months to the date in another field

Open General Question created by magpie-pgz a year ago


I have a date field that is being entered by a user when they modify a record (custom module) I need the record to then have two more date fields - one set 6 months and one 12 months after. Original field is called "support_complete"

Tried - add_month(support_complete,6)

Result - "Wrong format,Format: 00 months" when adding both 6 and 12

Maybe a silly questions, so apologies if it is. But have to get this done by Tuesday end of business next week



  1. magpie-pgz member avatar


    a year ago

    Have played around a little more. Quite why you need to add "months" in the formula when the active instruction is "add_month" I am not sure

    add_month(support_complete,12 months) add_month(support_complete,06 months)

    The 12 months now works after a fashion but it ignores the user preference on date format It shows 11/01/2022 when it should show 01-11-2022 How can we get it to show in the right format - do we need to reset the user profile?



  2. tactionsoftware member avatar

    TechEsperto Solutions LLC. Provider

    4 months ago


    If you want to add n number of months in any date then the correct format is - add_month(datetoday,6 months) where datetoday is a date field. If you will pass just numeric value as second parameter like add_month(datetoday,06) then it will show "Wrong format,Format: 00 months".


  3. TonyA member avatar

    Free Rein Ltd

    4 months ago

    Sorry support_complete is a date field.

    However, it has now come to light that the add-in does not work on PHP8. Given PHP7.4 reaches end of life on 22 Nov 2022 you product will not be able to be used on any UK Government system That gives 2 months for you to release and update

    Will it be done by then?

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