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#3876 - Count Relationship and Sum of Relate Fields

Open General Question created by david18 a year ago


Do you have any documentation on how the 'Count Relationship' and 'Sum of Relate Fiedls' works?

I want to sum a value from a related sub panel field and store in parent.

I have tried to use both of the above 'Functions' but the drop down list that appears never has anything to select. There is obviously something I am missing and I do not see any documentation on these functions.

many thanks


  1. tactionsoftware member avatar

    TechEsperto Solutions LLC. Provider

    4 months ago


    In count relationship, only one parameter is passed and it returns the number of entries of the relationship subpanel of that data. For example - If we pass count_relation(leads) in the formula then it'll show the number of entries of the lead subpanel of that data.

    In Sum of relate fields ,firstly we select a subpanel field that can be contacts, opportunities.The options in related field are integer type fields of the selected module. If you want to sum the data present in integer field of subpanel and show that data in the field of module then it can be used. For example- I want to create a field in account module which shows the sum of amount of opportunities present in subpanel field then I will use the formula- sum_relate(opportunities,amount).


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