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#1405 - Not able to validate the new key

In Progress Bug? created by AS Dev Verified Purchase 4 years ago

Hi Team,

We already had a SecuritySuite Plugin installed on our suiteCRM for which the trial time had expired. Now we have a new key that is appearing after following the CheckOut Process. But when we are trying to update that on the SuiteCRM it's giving us error that "The Key Doesn't Exists". We can not uninstall and install the Security Suite as it has got a lot of relevant data and logic hooks that we have written for SecuritySuite. It would be great if you can advise us as to how to accomplish this.

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    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago


    Did you want to continue on with the Enterprise version as you had it before? If I understand your requirements from before I believe you do. If that's the case the solution is to just update the payment info under your other account and have that trial convert. I will email you right now the information on how to do that along with which key to use.

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