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#3908 - Allow user to select their own primary group

In Progress Feature created by diegoandsu Verified Purchase about a year ago


We have a situation were a couple of departments provide BackOffice support for other departments and because of this some users in those departments need to process records in certain modules using the group layout that is specific to the department that created the record. For example:

Module Contracts Department A has its own layout with Fields H,D and E Department B has its own layout with Fields D,F and G Department C is the legal department and has to process the contracts for both department A and B using the fields specific for each department
User "John" from department C can be a member of both DeptA's and Dept's B groups but can only have one primary group.

Currently I can see three ways to do it with the current version of Security Suite: 1. John has multiple logins, one for each department A and B, and logs on with the user that corresponds to the department he wants to process contracts for. 2. John belongs to both groups A and B, notifies the administrator when he wants to change primary groups and the admin does it for him. 3. John is given admin user rights for the users module so he can change his own primary group.

Solution 1. Requires maintaining multiple users for the same person, who can get confused and require more support from the CRM admin as well as adding a layer of complexity to user maintenance. Solution 2. Is straight forward but adds work for the CRM admin and would be impractical if John switched primary groups multiple times per day. Solution 3. Works but requires more training for John and can possibly open a security risk by giving John access to more admin functions that just changing his primary group.

A fourth option, which is the feature we would like to request, is for Security Suite to either have a "Select own primary group from my assigned groups" function that can be enabled for each user. Or with a bit more logic, for it to check if john belongs to the the record's assigned group (there is usually one one group per record) and if so use that group's layout. If john does not belong to that group then display the default layout as per normal.

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    11 months ago

    Your use case is extremely interesting. I need to ponder it some more to think through the ramifications, but your suggestion is a good and strong one.

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