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#2241 - Inherit from Parent on existing records

In Progress General Question created by Amy 4 years ago

We have a security group for each sales person and their Accounts are assigned to their corresponding security groups. Their security groups have roles to define permissions. All is well.

However, due to the fact we were once 4 separate companies being merged into one, there will be a lot of account re-assignment in the future. When I change the "Assigned To", I noticed that the security group for the new "Assigned To" user is being automatically added, which is great. However, none of the other related/child records can be seen. There was another ticket regarding a similar situation with Opportunities and their related records but I was wondering if it's the same for Accounts. And if it is the same, would logic hooks still be the answer and are their any plans to extend the "Inherit from Parent" option to existing records as well?

Thank you!

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Yes, logic hooks to have it act as you would like is still the recommended solution. There are complications for making that behavior work in generalized way for the Assigned To change. However, we are still looking at how this can be done in a maintainable way.

  2. Amy member avatar


    4 years ago

    Thanks for the info!

    So say Joe is the sales rep for ABC Corp and is the Assigned To. As a result, the account inherits his security group. He creates a few contacts, notes, and an opportunity for ABC Corp. They all inherit ABC Corp's security groups which includes Joe's security group. However, Joe then gets transferred to another region and now Jill will be taking over ABC Corp. Through an integration with our ERP, the "Assigned To" field automatically gets updated to Jill and due to the "Inherit from Assigned To User" setting, ABC Corp inherits Jill's security group. However, Jill cannot see any of the contacts, notes opportunities that Joe had created. Is there a way to set up security groups and/or the system so that Jill could now SEE those related to/child records (and doesn't need to become the "Assigned To")?

    And just to confirm how our system is currently set up... We have a 'Salesperson' role and within that role, the Accounts module is enabled with Edit-Owner, Export-Owner, List-All, View-Owner and the rest are None). The reason List is set to all, is so that anyone with the role can see all of the accounts from the List view and see the limited info available but without actually being able to access its details. For Contacts, Notes and Opportunities, they're Enabled with Edit-Owner, Export-Owner, List-Owner, View-Group and all others are set to None. Each sales rep has their own security group with all of their accounts assigned to that security group. The salesperson role is then assigned to each of the security groups.

    I appreciate your help!

    • eggsurplus member avatar

      eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

      4 years ago

      Hi Amy,

      This makes perfect sense. There are a few possible ways of going about this right now:

      Option A: Add filters to your contacts, notes, etc searches to search by that Account. Then Select All and add Jill's team (or assign her)

      Option B: (developer option) Add a logic hook to the Accounts module to detect whenever the assigned user changes and change the security groups on all related records.

      Option C: (non-developer option) Attempt to use Process Manager to assign Jill's group whenever the assigned to changes to Jill.

      • Similar to

      We could also look again at adding this ability to SecuritySuite Enterprise. If this is something that would make Enterprise with having let us know and we can see if that can be added in the upcoming weeks.

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