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Secure your SuiteCRM. Protection against brute force attacks. Track users' logins and protect your data.

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>>> Now even with SuiteCRM 8

image002.png Lion Solution's new module CRM Defender is a complete and robust add-on that introduces a safe barrier against brute-force and dictionary attacks. It produces a permanent ban of IP addresses from where repeated failed attempts come.

Access Monitor

With CRM Defender, you get an Access Monitor to check your users' succesful logins and failed login attempts: AccessMonitor782.PNG

Ban IP Addresses

Automatically ban ip addresses from where failed login attempts come so any new request from a marked IP will be rejected by the .htaccess file and the client will receive a 403 error. image023.png No more stress because of malicious introductions or suspect repeated failed logins.

Email Notification System

In case of IP Locking out you will receive a notification email. EmailNotificationSystem.png

Choose your CRM Defender settings

You just have to choose the maximum number of allowed attempts and CRM Defender will do the rest. You can also whitelist as many IP addresses you want, and after having enabled the Email Notification System, you can select a recipient email address where you will receive an email in case of ban. EmailNotificationSystemSettings2.png

Monitorize the safety of your CRM system and Keep track of the behaviour of your users

With the built-in SuiteCRM advanced tools for filtering searches results, you can extract useful information about the safety of your CRM system and the very specific behaviour of your users. CRM Defender Advanced Filter.PNG For example, making a search by "Typed Name" you can recognize if the "Locked-out" event happened because of o mistyped input of if your system is under attack. Filtering only "Login Success" results, you could also keep under control your users activity.

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