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#3733 - Security groups not working properly on PDF templates

Open Bug? created by Davint Verified Purchase a year ago

I am trying to create PDF's templates that must be available only to certain users (who are already in different security groups).

When I create a PDF template, I can not see all the security groups I have. Moreover, if I select only one group (admin), it later shows that the PDF templates is assigned to all 3 groups previously shown. Please find below the screen shots:

1.jpg These are the security groups I have created

2.jpg These are the groups I see on the PDF templates (I already repaired the roles, did a Quick repair, and it still does not show all the groups)

3.jpg As a test, I selected only the admin group

4.jpg After the PDF is saved, 3 groups are assigned to the PDF template instead of only one.

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Could you please send over a screenshot of your SecuritySuite Settings page that includes all of the inheritance options and default group configurations for new records? The whole page would be perfect. Thanks!

  2. Davint member avatar

    Davint Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    Here you go!


    • eggsurplus member avatar

      eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

      a year ago

      Perfect. Thank you! I'll dig around from here.

  3. Davint member avatar

    Davint Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    I was able to change the settings so my groups display on the PDF templates, however the templates do not show to the right groups on the save to PDF feature on my custom module: anyone can use any of my templates to generate a PDF, but I would like to only certain groups to be able to use my template. How could I do that with security Suite? Thanks!

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