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#3785 - Group layout doesn't work

Open Bug? created by Hermes-Epitek Verified Purchase a year ago


I saw a post similar to my question here: but I couldn't find any solution to it.

So I have default department security group for each employee. The employee each belong to different category (support, sales, engineers, etc) according to their job functions. I have a custom module "Service Activity" which can be accessed by all categories of employee but their view can be a little different.

I created a security group "view-support" and grant to the support employees because they need to view fewer fields in "Service Activity" custom module. I did the group layout and have ensured the group is granted properly. I have "Save and Deploy" and tried "Repair and Rebuild" but my support staff is still viewing the default layout (which displays all fields) instead of the "view-support" layout.

Notice that this employee has 2 security groups: the default department group, and the "view-support" group. After I remove the default department group then he is able to see the "view-support" layout. Does multiple grouping setting not work for the custom layout function?

Thank you.

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Great question. If a user is in multiple groups it just grabs the first layout it finds. However, you can market a user's membership in a group as the Primary Group in the Security Groups subpanel for a User. This will then determine which layout to show.

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