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All-In-One CTI is a computer telephony integration between SugarCRM and most popular PBXs.
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#3631 My CRM cannot connect to FreePBX - Hi there, I think i have correctly installed CRM modules : Module install + Connector params + Us aratsima Open Installation
#3522 Work on VoIP - iPECS eMG800 - lg-ericson - Hi, this plug-in work with VoIP - iPECS eMG800 - lg-ericson ? cylix Open General Question
#3404 05.02.2021 19:26:18.120 INFO No valid license for sugarcrm type - License server successfully set license status 05.02.2021 19:26:18.120 INFO No valid license for su Cjcrmuser Open Bug?
#3403 says license is expired? - I bought this a few years ago and it says license is expired when i purchase this is was not a year instigatecrm Closed Bug?
#3399 After installing and configured addon on suitecrm and freepbx side but front-end side there is no visible changes - Hello Support, We have used this All-In-One CTI module for SuiteCrm and also install connector in rajkothari3156 Open Bug?
#3364 Demonstration help - Hi Support Team, We want to explore the module. So that we can suggest to our client to use this abhishekk Open Installation
#3248 set license status to -2 (error reason 4003) - Hi I am having problems with the integration all of a sudden I have this error when everything wa d.padilla Open Feature
#3238 Issue with old TLS support on browsers - We have an issue since browsers disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 support by default: the extension does not technicalpartners Open Feature
#3215 No valid license for statmodule type - Hi download the module to try it for 30 days and if everything works proceed to buy it. The error d.padilla Open Installation
#3214 No valid license for statmodule type - Hi download the module to try it for 30 days and if everything works proceed to buy it. The error gbrucone Open General Question
#3181 Won't uninstall - Gets stuck at Uninstalling Custom Fields..... whats going on there? Tried repairs... useventsgroupllc Open Bug?
#3108 FreePBDX - Language and module signage - Hello, I'm trying All-in-one CTI, but I'm experiencing the following problems: - The language come edkavi Open Feature
#3087 Installed but no pop up working, Confirmed running - I have confirmed the connector is working between freepbx and suitecrm per your guide,. I have outb jasonp Open General Question
#3086 no download after trial sign up - where is the download? I when to downloads to download and it loops me to sign up for a trial again. jasonp Open Installation
#3071 Click to call not working - Hi, I see a javascript error when I click to call. This is a brand new setup. Asterisk 13.36.0 Su dlane Open Bug?
#3053 NET::ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION - Hi, We've only returned to the office after Lockdown, and the click to dial function no longer wo paddy.ofarrell Open General Question
#2736 Business Phone Number - Hi I need a business phone number. Do you also provide phone numbers for individual users? dshanklin Open General Question
#2606 Cisco installation instructions - Hello, I recently ordered the CTI plugin software for my Cisco callmanager and I cannot find the gellison Open Installation
#2598 Click to call does not work - Hi, We are trying to install the 30 day trial plugin, but it is not working. Here are the details daly.thomas Open Installation
#2574 Не подключается к астериск - Использую подключение через ami , почему у вас не предус Yan01010 Open Bug?
#2566 Install All-In-One CTI Module on FreePBX - I have a Freepbx. I purchased your Module from the SuiteCRM Store. Both on on Newest stable versio jeffmchristensen Open Installation
#2507 when close call, no record in call phone log - HI, i'm testing the Aio CTI and after make a call, on hangup, i not see the log of call. CAn you he info39 Open General Question
#2492 Compatability - Will this work with suitecrm , Grandstream UCM , Yealink VOIP phone T46G. Does it require a softp lawrence Open General Question
#2413 Expired license - Hello, the SuiteCRM license checks out, but I am getting this in the logs on my asterisk: 04.12.2 sandstone Closed Bug?
#2298 Intergration with Gamma Horizon tapi driver - Hi There Will your plugin allow me to intergrate SuiteCRM with Gamma Horizon tapi driver (https:/ Customer_Support Open General Question
#2265 Please cancel my trial - Hello, My company has decided against using this integration at this time and I need to have my tr stanleyparker Open General Question
#2262 3CX - Hi, do you have the All-In-One CTI for use with 3CX PBX? neoand Open General Question
#2259 Where do you download the pbx connector? - I can't find where to download what need to install this in FreePBX stanleyparker Open Installation
#2235 Expired PBX licence key - Hi I pruchased the plugin in May and installed it ok, however running with the DEMO PBX licence key technicalpartners Open Installation
#2110 setting help - Hi We purchase yeastar PBX that is upgrade of freePBX and also purchase Free Trial All-In-One CT fsesouri Open Installation
#2042 All-In-One CTI Plans - kindly we like to buy All-In-One CTI Plans and use Etisalat business in box package in dubai UAE (Bu fsesouri Open Feature
#1814 still not working - still not working been working with support for over a week randy Open Bug?
#1650 Sometimes no pop-up on incoming call - I have successfully installed and configured the CTI on Asterisk 13.19 and SuiteCRM 7.10.10. All wo amministrazione1 Open Bug?
#1608 DOA - Doesn't work, total hassle to setup and install. I feel like it would be just as much effort to hac dave1 Open Installation
#1599 Can you please assist with pbx configuration - We have done the install and copied the files we are a little lost on the rest? dkarnes909 Open Installation
#1592 Support need to config Freepbx - Hi there, I am trying on Freepbx with Suitecrm integration. Actually I did all in Suitecrm side lasantha2mail Open Installation
#1547 no pop-up window - Install the module in Freepbx with Asterisk 13, when you click on the number the call is made but th shadowfilth Open Bug?
#1514 Client limits and inbound call customization - Hi, i have purchased the All-In-One CTI and i have some questions to you. When i start asterisk amministrazione1 Open General Question
#1462 PBX-connector installation need help - Hi, I installed the All-In-One CTI module in the CRM and im trying to follow the instructions her goobels Open Installation
#1457 click to call don't work!!! - Good afternoon! I'm having trouble with click-to-call that does not perform the required action !! omalisson Open Bug?
#1441 Incoming call no popup. - Hi! I have asterisk 11 (ubuntu 16.04) SuiteCRM 7.8.10 Connectors on CRM asd Asterisk side work aleksandrkovalev Open Installation
#1436 Outbound Calls - We are using the Asterisks PBX--- we are seeing inbound calls logging--but what about the outbound c instigatecrm Open Bug?
#1387 Popup Not opening click on any phone number - No popup is showing on click on phone number. in console I am getting some feedback: pz connect kuntalparbat Open Bug?
#1332 Disable call recording - Hi, Does this module force call recordings all the time? Because it seems that if we dial *1 to benperiton Open Bug?
#1331 Click to call not work - Hello, I have problems with the "click to call" function, when executing the click on the vindacochea Open Bug?
#1320 Outbound calls - Does this record outbound calls made by dialling, rather than clicking on a number in the CRM? It s benperiton Open General Question
#1318 Licence code for Asterisk - Hi, We don't seem to have a valid licence key for Asterisk? benperiton Open Installation
#1169 Nextiva and Polycom - Hello Do you have a product for Nexitva with polycom integration SV_Engineer Open Feature
#1157 Freepbx module not working - Hi Team, I have installed the module. I can see that module is available under asterisk cli. But johnalam Open Installation
#1137 Click 2 Call and Call Pop-up Not Working - I have FreePBX 14 and SuiteCRM 7.10.4, I have installed and configured the modules in both SuiteCRM lrye Open Installation
#1127 Using All-In-One CTI with placetel - We use placetel as voip provider with their softphone placetel-lite. Is it possible to use All-In-On sb1 Open General Question
#1090 bug in Installation - Hi, I tried to install the package (Cisco Plan), but when I tried to get into contact/account/lead Tali Open Installation
#1086 UCCX Version - Is Cisco plan supports Cisco Unified CCX Administration- version Tali Open Installation
#1077 Licence Issue - Hello, I purchased this module for asterisk 13 (freepbx) and everything seems to have installed p al Open Installation
#1065 URL to Match Contacts in Suitecrm - Hi, What is the URL to display and match contacts in suitecrm. Thank you markkhan Open Installation
#1062 Click to call is not functioning - Hi There, Click to call function is not working. Please help. Thank You markkhan Open Installation
#1029 Dolibarr - Is compatible with Dolibarr? srgar Open Feature
#1006 where can i find the Android app? - Hi, where can i find the android app? A search in the play store for all-in-one CTI doens't giv philipp Closed General Question
#1000 New user and new setting not considered - I'm having some problems that maybe have the same cause: 1. I've set to an existing CRM user the &q marcobenci Open General Question
#967 Dialer broke - click to call and call pop stopped working.. RichardFrazier Closed Bug?
#940 CTI module does not work - I've installed and configured CTI-Module as described in guide but i cannot see popup and Click-to-C marcobenci Open Installation
#933 SUITECRM INTEGRATION - Hi, I used CTI-Module but i cannot see popup and other configuration. please guide me waqas Open Installation
#926 Registration code issue - Hi, I've registered for a trial via, but I cannot activate my license key (do adam3 Open Bug?
#909 is it the CTI module support grandstream pbx ? - I have suiteCRM 7.8.9 and i need to ask about CTI module support grandstream PBX? basel Open General Question
#892 Compatibility with RingCentral - Any compatibility with RingCentral? oceanmedia Open General Question
#891 Error upon Installation - We are unable to install the plugin on our instance due to an error we encountered. Please see scree jfloody Open Installation
#889 Error upon Installation - We are unable to install the plugin our instance due to an error we encountered. Please see screensh kcabading Open Installation
#869 Twilio Logs + Support on Installation - Hi, 2 questions: 1. does this module log all calls including calls from twilio SIP trunks similar t whitecoat Open General Question
#866 How to get licence? - Hi, I believe that payment has gone through for 399. How do I get the licence? Paddy paddy.ofarrell Open Installation
#862 CTI integration not more working - Hi, i've already an CTI module installed and full working for 6 months. Now with new year the f max Open General Question
#860 Set Up - I'm testing your plugin and I have a couple of questions. 1. Can I upload the module from your link drichardson Open Installation
#858 Cannot Connect CTI Plugin with Avaya IPO 500 - Dear Support; I try to setup your plugin with my system but I cannot complete setup, please help. myasein Open Installation
#846 Integrate Granstream UCM6102 - This is an appliance built on Arstriex There is a way to get down to some Arstriex setting as c yona Open Installation
#840 How to configure SUITECRM with asterisk FreePBX? - How to configure SUITECRM with asterisk FreePBX? jak Open General Question
#835 FreePBX access to SuiteCRM - Hi, Last question I hope. I am getting an entry in suitecrm.log that says: SECURITY: User aut paddy.ofarrell Open Installation
#830 SSL Issues - Hi, I had everything working correctly, then decided to install an SSL cert..... It appears to paddy.ofarrell Open Installation
#825 3CX - Hi, I would to know if you support 3CX PBX? Thanks mark.cabrera Open General Question
#821 PBX event was pushed to 0 clients - Hi, I have installed this with FreePBX (Asterisk 13), and SuiteCRM. The log file (cel_prostiez paddy.ofarrell Open Installation
#786 Elastix - Hi, the addon All-In-One CTI works with Elastix any version? vindacochea Open Feature
#759 Installation - Hi, I want to purchase this plugin for our suite crm. We have 14 users We will need help inst bsalouris Open General Question
#754 SuiteCRM Slowing down with queries referencing calls_cstm - Hello, We have used All-In-One CTI for a while now and find that SuiteCRM is slowing down noticea JohnCoole Open Bug?
#744 Relation between phone call and leads/accounts - Hi, is there a way to create a relationship between a call from unknown phone number to Lead/Accoun Rafal Open Feature
#734 Integration cannot work - Hi. I configure all, and in the log show the informations below, but don't shows in CRM popup and CONTATO Open Installation
#711 Asterisk - Hi, Our asterisk version is 13 Which has AMI versiob 2.10.0 Is this compatible with this plug bsalouris Open General Question
#710 Licence server responded "Key Does not exist" - It seems my key is not working for some reason....payment went through i am sure..please advise RichardFrazier Closed General Question
#673 Is there an english version of the FreePBX module? - Hello, for the FreePBX 2.x w/ asterisk 11 module, is there a version that is in Engish instead of ascott Open General Question
#661 AWS Conncet - It's possible to work with AWS Connect, i'll work with this solution. javoguadas Closed General Question
#643 Interested in purchase, checking requirements and setup - Hi, We are looking to start using All In One CTI but we have a couple of questions we would like pavler Open Installation
#526 Interested in the product - Hi, I am interested in purchasing this product but we do not have an asterisk system in place. bsalouris Closed General Question
#517 License Key fails to validate - I am trying to validate my temporary license but it fails. My local area network and servers are on boz930 Closed Installation
#452 Module not showing - I have a new instance of Freepbx on cyberlynk and I followed the installation instructions for CTI b drichardson Closed Installation
#437 Freeswitch integration - I'm currently in evaluation period. Discovered it doesn't work with Freeswitch. Your support agent troy Closed Feature
#435 Freeswitch integration - I'm currently under the 30 day evaluation, I though I had read somewhere CTI integrates with Freeswi troy Closed Installation
#433 CTI with web crm - My CRM is : and i would like to use you're Connector with this CRM. So i've install christophe Closed Feature
#377 Question about PBX Support - We are in the process of rolling out SuiteCRM in our business. We need to replace our phone system svquest Closed General Question
#298 Is there a demo version I can try - I have a client who might want 10-20 users. Do you have a demo version I can install on my demo s DavidGilroy Closed Bug?
#289 We cannot install All-In-One CTI license key because of error message. - Hi Mme. / Mr., We are in phase of trying Asterisk, SuiteCRM and plugin All-In-One CTI installatio nicolasmeunier Closed Installation
#283 Leave a message if voicemail on outbound call to Prospect - I mostly make outbound calls. Many times, I only receive a voicemail option. Currently I usually 1reason Closed Feature
#259 All-In-One CTI - connection to PC modem - I am interested in buying your Plugin. I have an old Panasonic PBX TD612 with only a serial RS232 StephanErasmus Closed General Question
#256 Will the All In One CTI Plugin work with IWASTU PBX? - We have an IWATSU PBX which has CTI and TAPI functionality. Will the All In One CTI add-on work wit Grace Christian University Closed General Question
#218 License Key - Hi, I test-downloaded the software and the license key. When entering the key during the installatio Christiane Closed Installation
#207 FreeSwitch / FusionPBX Support? - Hi, will there be support for freeswitch / fusionpbx ? Cheers Dominik Saar dsaard Closed Feature
#205 Cisco support - Hello, I only see a reference to UC500 series when it comes to Cisco supported devices. I have 3 tmarquespt Closed General Question
#202 How to integrate this tool into SuiteCRM - I have purchased this tool now need simple steps to install this plugin into suitecrm I have dep pgcrm Closed General Question
#197 Call popup & Click to call not working - Hello, I am looking for support on your product. My click to call and call popup is not working.I th RichardFrazier Closed Installation
#191 Support of sipcall virtual pbx - Hi, we are using suiteCRM and have our phones using sipcall virtual PBX, would your module be abl SDiogo Closed Feature
#187 Asterisk 14 64 module download link broken - this link is broken moneainc Closed Installation
#177 Cisco compatibility - HI, is your sw compatible with this Cisco stuff ? 1)PBX Cisco Unified Communication Manager v.11 giorgio Closed Feature
#169 All-in-one CTI and Starface PBX - Does all-in-one cti work with the starface pbx? If yes, is there a special installation guide? hhuber Closed General Question
#164 Where am I supposed to set the prefix? - If you have SSL on then please use the “wss://” prefix in CRM plug-in configuration. If journeyerhum Closed Bug?
#163 What is the password that goes into the ALL-IN-ONE CTI configuration? - Hi, During SuiteCRM plugin setting, I need to put Password, Host, Port. I want to know what to journeyerhum Closed Installation
#162 I cannot find All-In-One CTI under admin > user management - Hi! I am installing All-In-One CTI now. I finished on FreePBX. Now I got stucked in "5. Upd journeyerhum Closed Installation
#155 Suite P theme compatibility - Is All-In-One CTI compatible with the newer Suite P theme yet? If so, where cna i download the updat steve Closed General Question
#152 i am unable to setup call setting - Hi Actually i have installed AIO CTI, but it is not working. The installation guide is not enough t mohdjawedmojibi Closed Installation
#147 server license expired - hello I installed 'all in one' module yesterday. And it says 'server license expired'. What about t Vladimir_Shabanov Closed Installation
#124 installation - Hello, you can help me has to install your software? Thank you security Closed Installation
#118 Combining SuiteCRm with Ninja Pro without PBX Plugin - Do I need to install the PBX plugin or does it work without? Mojo Closed General Question
#115 nextiva - do you support nextiva? What about Vici? senia Closed Feature
#112 URGENT ! Connection close with error; Code: 1006 Reason - Hello, We try to configure your module, but we have an error when everything is good. We are on 7. jmouton Closed Installation
#109 Any manual to integrate with Cisco CME/CUCME? - Hello. I found in description that Cisco listed as compatible. However, installation section require andreinien Closed General Question
#84 will your solution work with onsip - will your solution work with ttarabelli Closed General Question
#82 cel_prostiezvonki.conf File - Where can I download the cel_prostiezvonki.conf without the russian comments. It`s impossible to edi md Closed Installation
#72 What we need to put into contract value for a free trial - We need a trial key to put into contract option to try the connector. Where we can get it? Thank Rafa Closed Installation
#71 Will All in one work with FreePBX? - And if so, what version do you suggest is the best? And along the same lines, Asterisk in general 1reason Closed Installation
#44 parameters - Hello what values I should provide in the text fields after installation of All-In-One CTI? see a catty Closed Installation
#39 Not compatible - Apparently it is not compatible for us at this time. How can we get a refund for it? senia Closed General Question
#32 Client Disconnect after 3 seconds - hi, trying to install all in one CTI. I have installed the prostiezvonki plugin onto asterisk and it Closed General Question
#21 Nortel Networks PBX - any chance of integration with NN PBX? railsz Closed General Question
#20 Configuration error - Whenever I enter credentials and test connection it gives me error " connection closed with err saqibkamran97 Closed Installation
#14 Cannot get it to work - Hi, I've installed as per instructions and cannot get it to work. I've attached the relevant deta steve Closed Installation
#12 All in one CTI - Could have been a bit more transparent when describing this system. I have a WINDOWS system. I am magiceventstucson Closed Installation