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#1441 - Incoming call no popup.

Open Installation created by aleksandrkovalev 2 years ago

I have asterisk 11 (ubuntu 16.04)
SuiteCRM 7.8.10

Connectors on CRM asd Asterisk side working.
At Chrome DevConsole i see CEL from Asterisk.
In user settings extension are configured and checkboxes is checked.

Click2Call working like a charm. But popups not shown.

And one more question: is it possible to configure multiple extensionsfor user (foe popup only).

  1. aleksandrkovalev member avatar


    2 years ago

    SuiteCRM 7.10.8

  2. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    2 years ago

    1. Regarding pop-up - first of all make sure you allowed pop-up for your CRM in your browser. If pop-up is allowed, then I need:
    - latest log file (they locate in /var/log/asterisk and have names like cel_prostiezvonki{date-time}.log
    - screenshot of your browser with opened browser console after you make incoming call.
    2. Do you have records in new module Phone Calls?
    3. Regarging multiple extension - it is possible but it requires custom modifications. Budget for this is 900-1100 usd.

    Best regards
    Andrey Uymin
    Project manager, Vedisoft
    skype: andrew.uymin

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