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#289 - We cannot install All-In-One CTI license key because of error message.

Closed Installation created by nicolasmeunier 3 years ago

Hi Mme. / Mr.,

We are in phase of trying Asterisk, SuiteCRM and plugin All-In-One CTI installation and configuration. We have get All-In-One CTI license key via your website and the way to setup.

But we are facing an issue when we try to activate the license key and we have the following return message: Error: Key does not exist. Could you please help us to solve this issue?


Best regards.

  1. nicolasmeunier member avatar


    3 years ago

    any chance to have some support?

  2. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    3 years ago

    Let's have a skype call
    My skype is andrew.uymin

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