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#643 - Interested in purchase, checking requirements and setup

Open Installation created by pavler 2 years ago


We are looking to start using All In One CTI but we have a couple of questions we would like to resolve before moving forwards.

  1. Do you also provide assistance with PBX installation or provide the PBX itself. This is a prerequisite for using the module?
  2. Do you provide a soft-phone solution
  3. In order for this to function if we understand correctly, we need your module, PBX, a soptphone and SIP Trunking?

Apart from your module and SIP trunking are there additional costs we can incur.

Thank you kindly

  1. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    2 years ago

    I'm sorry I did not reply ealier.
    1. We don't provide assistance with PBX-installation. You should have PBX-installed. It can be one of support by us PBX or it could be any of PBX with SIP-clients (in case you use our SIP-phone)
    2. Yes we have SIP-phone solution. Please take a look at our product - It has a lot of useful for business features which are not in any other softphones. If you use our softphone, you can work with any PBX and you will have CRM-integration via softphones.
    3. correct

    Regarding costs
    - in case of PBX-integration - you just have to buy our module
    - in case fo Softphone-integration - you have to buy both - module and softphone. If you choose per user per year plan and buy minimum 5 license ($36 per user per year) , then softphone will be free.

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