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#2262 - 3CX

Open General Question created by neoand a year ago

Hi, do you have the All-In-One CTI for use with 3CX PBX?

  1. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    a year ago

    Our module “All-In-One CTI” doesn’t have direct integration with your PBX.
    But you can use our module with your PBX if your users use our professional SIP-softphones – Softphone.Pro .

    If you use our softphone with your PBX then you get all functions of PBX-CRM integration:
    1. Learn who calls you before you start talking (pop-up notification on incoming call)
    2. Dialing number as easy as one-mouse-click (click-to-call)
    3. Know who and when talked to your clients (call logs on client page and in calls list view)
    4. Listen to conversation record directly from client page (audio records of phone talks)

    To try our SIP-softphone integration please do the following:
    1. Download installation file:
    2. Install it using Installation Guide:
    3. Install All-In-One info your CRM (installation guide for CRM -
    4. Put the following credentials into All-In-One Settings in Admin panel in SugarCRM
    • Password - 137638
    • Host - wss://
    • Port - 443
    • Match only last N digits - 10
    5. When you will configure your Softphone.Pro put the same password (137638) in your Softphone’s CRM System settings

    If you have any question about using or installation then let’s talk in skype.
    My skype is live:ebb3de03d480a977

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