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#1514 - Client limits and inbound call customization

Open General Question created by amministrazione1 Verified Purchase 2 years ago

i have purchased the All-In-One CTI and i have some questions to you.

When i start asterisk i can see in asterisk log of cel_prostiezvonki:

22.10.2018 18:20:25.394 INFO     Starting Asterisk
22.10.2018 18:20:25.394 INFO     Call Initialization, module build time is 2017-02-06, 17:57 UTC
22.10.2018 18:20:25.394 INFO     Service start successful: port = 10150, password = 99118822
22.10.2018 18:20:25.394 INFO     ProtocolLib initialized port=10150

22.10.2018 18:20:25.395 INFO
========== CONFIG ==========
        Module for Asterisk 13
        password = 1234
        certificate_path = /etc/asterisk/
        log_file = /var/log/asterisk/cel_prostiezvonki.log
        log_level = 4
        port = 10150
        internal_num_len = 3
        record_internal_path =
        record_external_path = /share/audio_records/
        audio_format = wav
        smart_transfer = 0
        transfer_time = 3
        answer_time = 10
        queue_max_length = 500
        use_ssl = 1
        add_prefix =
        contract = MJUJD22170507161400679191
        channel_type = PJSIP
        out_prefix = 0
        only_outgoing = 0
        event_log = 0
        lame_codec_path = /bin/lame/

        is_free_pbx = 1

    history_backup_file = /var/log/asterisk/pzHistory.bak
    truncated_incoming_chars = 0
    monitor_substring_start = /monitor/

22.10.2018 18:20:25.396 ERROR     File /etc/asterisk/pz_status.html does not exist, or cannot be opened

22.10.2018 18:20:25.772 INFO     set license status to 1
22.10.2018 18:20:25.773 INFO     set max clients(statmodule) to 0
22.10.2018 18:20:25.773 INFO     set max clients(sugarcrm) to 5
22.10.2018 18:20:25.773 INFO     License server successfully set license status

What is statmodule? and why max sugarcrm client is set to 5? We have more users in the CRM, can this limit the functionality of the plugin?

In SuiteCRM, it's possibile to customize the behaviour of an inbound call?
For example, if the calling number is known on SuiteCRM database, open directly a new Case with associated Account. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you

Francesco Romano

  1. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    2 years ago

    Hi Francesco,
    1. statmodule - is add-on (web-application with graphic reports) for Asterisk that shows call statistic. It does not concern All In One CTI
    2. Limit is 5 user, because you are using trial license. If you want to get personal trial license, please tell me your email and I will send you personal trial without limit.
    3. Logic for inbound call can be modified. It requires custom development. We can estimate this feature and send details to your email.

    Best regards
    Andrey Uymin
    Project manager, Vedisoft
    skype: andrew.uymin

    • amministrazione1 member avatar

      amministrazione1 Verified Purchase

      2 years ago

      Ok, you can send the personal license to
      Thank you.

  2. amministrazione1 member avatar

    amministrazione1 Verified Purchase

    2 years ago

    I sent you a support email yesterday but i not yet received a response. My Asterisk license stopped working again!
    I have purchased a regular license, why this?
    Please resend me immediately a license not limited to 5 clients and above all that never expire!
    Thank you


  3. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    2 years ago

    Hi Francesco,
    I’m sorry for this error.
    The problem with license has been fixed.

    Sorry again.

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