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Make life easier by reducing the need to flip between apps. If you are using Outlook Web App, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016 connected to Office365 or Exchange Server 2013 then be sure to take advantage of this email and contact synchronization add-on. Smartly links emails to your SuiteCRM records and keeps your contacts in sync.

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#4558 Cannot get Outlook to show Grinmark plugin - Hi, followed Multiuser Install guide. First, discovered your URL info139 Open Installation
#4500 GrinMark AddIin Connection Failed - Addin quit working. on all our user licenses. Under settings, when we test Connection for CRM Log gbirk1962 Open Bug?
#4386 Connection Failed - Hello, I can not create a connection with my SuiteCRM user. I always get the error: _Fail: xxx@x NLcom Open Bug?
#4351 Insufficient license to start synchronization - After installing the add-in (testing the connection in both ways works) i get the error message: "In Open Bug?
#4327 Licencing - Hello, I have 1 licence configured for my user. Everithing is good in server configuration. On Coverguard IT Closed Bug?
#4268 GrinMark SuiteCRM plugin stops processing while loading - When trying to archive an e-mail to SuiteCRM from Office 365 Outlook, the GrinMark pluging stops pro Open Bug?
#4129 Error at the moment of install - Hi... I have installed in SuiteCRM Version 7.10.22 The ZIP from: https://gmdownlods.s3.amazo Etairos Business Solutions Open Bug?
#4097 Setting - I did not get setting "Activation and Configuration" where I can get it. hanifm Open Installation
#4083 Where do I start to Integrate SuiteCRM8 with in Microsoft 365 Outlook? - Hi team, I have signed up for the GrinMark Outlook 365 and SuiteCRM Integration. My order detail bernardbailey Open Installation
#3971 Outlook nor the plugin are transferring information to to each other - Outlook nor the plugin are transferring information to each other. I have followed the instructions, richardw Closed Bug?
#3944 TransmitAction Update2 "Calls... - I keep getting errors when using the plugin: ![SuiteCRM Addin Error.jpg]( steverichards Closed Bug?
#3483 Connection Failure - Hi, We attempt to connect to both the CRM and to Office 365 and press 'Test Connection' and recei jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#3482 Key does not exist - Hello, I have just signed up for a trial licence and the key does not work. We have previously u jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#3400 Connection Failed The request failed. The remote server returned an error: - Hello we have put the needed links in 365 and files in SuiteCRM When on the outlook we see Gr t Closed Bug?
#3390 task doesn't sink - I've made a simple task on my crm calendar, and then i tried to sink to my outlook. After some time gianlucavezzoni Closed Bug?
#3386 is the sync automatic? - is the sync with the crm automatic or everytime i have to click the button "sync"? gianlucavezzoni Closed General Question
#3382 doesn't work on exchange 2013 - the plugin can't connect to the exchange. when i try to connect on the aws the email input is loc gianlucavezzoni Closed Bug?
#3294 Settings tab doesn't open - With Outlook 365, when I click on "Settings" in menu, I still have "GrinMark integration for Sugar e cbertossa Closed Bug?
#3111 Outlook plugin - Validation fails - Hi, I have installed the Outlook plugin version 4.0. After pasting the license key into the confi fih_le34 Closed Bug?
#2993 Auto archiving emails against opportunities. - I downloaded trial, have a technical question. 1. I want incoming/outgoing emails archived automati najam50 Closed Feature
#2906 Key Does not exist - Hi, Was trying to install the single user license. We tried to input the License key provided at C normanyclam Closed Installation
#2899 Sync problems over remove meetings - Hi, I installed the plugin on office 365 without problems and i can sync my meetings and task my Ivan999 Closed Bug?
#2887 Install Problem - Connection Failed - I have: Installed the gmsyncaddon module 1.9.4 to SuiteCRM 7.11.13 / Sugar 6.5.25 Validated licens taylorlaura947 Closed Installation
#2710 licens key dont exist - Hi, cant get my trail licens to be validated br Hans hansjarlo Closed Bug?
#2684 Can´t connect to CRM - Hi there, in our case CRM is secured by two steps of authentifications. Is there any possibility hannessteim Closed General Question
#2621 Connection Failed The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. - hello i am having trouble connecting from outlook to office 365. via the i use my n tt Closed Installation
#2573 plugin install - We have five licenses. I have a user that got a new laptop. Where is the link to downlaod the Grin gbirk1962 Closed Installation
#2438 Cannot connect to crm - Gives me the below error message when i try to test for connetion to our CRM server. I am able to l rockyp Closed Installation
#2325 Outlook plugin not available for shared mailboxes - I can't archive mails that reside in shared mailboxes. After clicking on the plugin logo from a mai lzandvliet Closed General Question
#2269 Fail with connection SuiteCRM installation - Hallo, I have the following **Problem:** Outlook 365 WebApp as well as Outlook Desktop: GM <>su office5 Closed Installation
#2268 Addon Multiuser Licence do not appear in Outlook365 WebApp or Outlook 2019 - The installation process (multiuser licence, 1st day of trial period) went well until the successful office5 Closed Installation
#2184 Technical background information - I’ve got some questions regarding the storing of connection and account details in a Office365 set lzandvliet Closed General Question
#2149 No connection possible from Outlook - No connection possible from Outlook 365 cw1 Closed Installation
#1936 Windows 10 update incompatibility? - Hello everyone, in my pc (windows10 & outlook365) grinmark only works on a computer with windows info63 Closed Installation
#1892 Incorrect date value: '0000-00-00' for column 'birthdate' - When attempting to run the first sync, I get the following error in the suitecrm.log file: MySQL ismael Closed Bug?
#1719 How does your sync tool work? - Hello, How does the sync work with Office 365? Is my Office 365 & Suite CRM information passed Dan1 Closed General Question
#1685 Licensing Error - I have purchased 3 single user licenses that are valid until the end of January 2019 for 3 users in Cam Russell Closed Installation
#1667 Connection to suiteCRM fails for suiteCRM version 7.10.11 - I have a demonstration suiteCRM 7.10.11 instance set up using a Turnkey Linux VM. It is fully access Cam Russell Closed Feature
#1644 Connection fail to crm - I have strange connection problem. ![Screenshot_1.png]( GianlucaSedoc Closed Installation
#1503 I changed my O365 login from an address to my custom domain - Hi Denis, this is a continuation of when I changed my exchange login email address from glynne@onmic glynne01 Closed Installation
#1484 I can not validate my free trial - I sut and paste the license key for my purchase to the Suitecrm Grinmark addon window. Press Valida Rand Closed Installation
#1454 i can´t set the conection with my CRM - Hello, i´m trying several times but i could´n. i´m attaching 2 print screens. One, with the outl saleswarroom Closed Installation
#1434 Sync error after changing O365 login email address and adding 2FA - Hi Denis I changed my O365 login from an address to my custom domain. I also tur glynne01 Closed Installation
#1404 Synchronization Error - To whom it may concern, Could you please assist with the initial sync from Office 365 portal to S scottgraham Closed Installation
#1388 connection failed with ms outlook - i have this error when try to test the connection with outlook: Connection Failed The request fai robotjefe Closed Installation
#1330 Does not importing all emails only onebyone - Hello, I am trying to configure your plugin with Suite CRM V 7.10.7. When I clicked on "Suite itadmin Closed Feature
#1328 demo key does not valdate - Hi My demo key of b26e3f17c4c25fbfa1d144fd8914b40c does not add any users. netops1 Closed Installation
#1248 Sync issues after successful first-time Sync - We are not sure if it is a bug but the first-sync with 12,500 contacts that I have in my Outlook has AnythingDATA Closed Feature
#1221 Exchange - CRM connection - Have successfully tested settings between SuiteCRM and Exchange, but get this failure message when t jamesblack Closed Installation
#1191 Connection failed - I am trying to connect your module with Microsoft Exchange and Suite CRM Version 7.10.2. Microsof it7 Closed Installation
#1132 Error: Key does not exist - I am unable to activate continually receive an error that the Key does not exist. keithvo Closed Installation
#1130 App won't download on Office 365 Add-in - Hello I just purchase the multi-version trial and followed your instruction to add the app to my Exc keithvo Closed Installation
#1124 Connection Failed - I purchased the Multi User plan for three licenses and followed the guide for the multi user install gbirk1962 Closed Installation
#1123 GrinMark Office 365 Plugin for SuiteCRM Connection Fails - Just purchased 3 licenses. Followed instructions for multi user install. I also added the license a gbirk1962 Closed Installation
#1103 Can not connect user - Hi! With multi-user account, i cannot connect any of the users. Meeage: failed: username Thanks kebelcsoda24 Closed Installation
#1052 connecting to Office 365 and Outlook 2016 - I followed the directions and there is no place to enter an addin URL on my Office 365 the manage a cketel Closed Installation
#989 Outlook 2016 windows version plugin - Hi Support, I have subscribed for the multi user version, however the documentati jeffrayint Closed Installation
#959 Got 365 Multi User Configured - but will not authenticate against site - My credentials and site are correct. I test thee 365 connection and it is ok. When i test the conn tcohen Closed Installation
#958 The key does not work for the trial of Office365 - The provided key fd1d1d635687d4442fa12f0c68f7ee9f does not work for the office 365 on our suitecrm tcohen Closed Installation
#935 SuiteCRM - Version 7.7.9 - Hi Team, We have tried to setup Outlook Office 365 credentials in SuitecRM - Version 7.7.9 in ema devashish.c Closed Installation
#921 I could not connect my Office 365 Account. - I could not connect my Office 365 Account. WalterSchaefer Closed Installation
#895 Severals users on the same company - Hello, How are you today ? I would like ton use your "Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin" on the s Mickey3d Closed General Question
#838 installation on Outlook 2016 Desktop - I am attempting to download the add-on on my computer and the instructions are all for the office365 joanstephens Closed Installation
#836 Not able to install the plugin - I am not able to integrate this plugin with my Suite CRM instance. srikanthrobbi Closed Installation
#646 Using this Integration from Outlook install - I have outlook 2013 installed on my pc that is using office 365 mailbox. How do I archive an email o stephentew Closed Installation
#645 Addin does not connect after install - I have installed the plugin using the mutliple users guidline and have added myself as a user in sui stephentew Closed Installation
#607 GMSyncAddon Module - I did the installation for multiple user. Outlook 365 apps is installed SuiteCRM Module is inst jptremblay Closed Installation
#504 Configuration for Office 365 Outlook - Unable to complete. Referred to SuiteCRM install consultant. Unable to complete. Please send instruc george Closed Installation
#491 Key in invalid - Hi All, I bought a free trial for 30 days. Now I want entered a key in SuiteCRM, wanted to valid myroslavashaleva Closed Installation
#434 email set up - Need assistance with email install. JPGs attached. Thanks. George Alexander 713.918 george Closed Installation
#408 Office API failed to initialize. Contact - Dear Support team, After installing the plugin through the url, I then tried to configure the set jvince Closed Installation
#401 Outlook for Mac installation steps - The manual only shows installation for Office365 online. But how do I install for Outlook for Mac ve jvince Closed Installation
#343 server side sync? - Hello, Is it server side syncronization? I mean, if my desktop outlook is closed for several days raees Closed Feature
#250 Plugin not Synching - I am able to install this plug in, nut no good synching. I get this error: ~~~License validation james Closed Installation
#238 Free tryal cancelled but we are paying - Goodmorning, we had cancelled free trial before 30days (Free Trial was cancelled 1/13/2017) and rem PBA Closed General Question
#186 Can't install the plugin - Hi, i'm trying to upload the plugin but nothing happen after upload..and i cant install. May you soporte Closed Installation
#172 Office365 UserName different from Email - Hi to all, in our Office365 configuration we have the username different from the email address. t PBA Closed Installation
#120 Windows Outlook Client Add-In - I put this question in the wrong room initially. I'm reposting it in the Installation section where mikeyoder Closed Installation
#77 Registred or not ? - I ried to download Yesterday Sept 7th 2016 to download the Trial for SuiteCRM with Outlook (2013) ad petrovlis Closed General Question
#75 Error connecting to SuiteCRM - This is the error message: Connection Failed Connection Failed SugarInfo::Connect. AddIn vers lodevlayen Closed Installation
  • "Additional Update: After some time to get back to us, the vendor has been very helpful and co-operative overall. We have now had some time to use the ..." - Cam Russell

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