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Make life easier by reducing the need to flip between apps. If you are using Outlook Web App, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016 connected to Office365 or Exchange Server 2013 then be sure to take advantage of this email and contact synchronization add-on. Smartly links emails to your SuiteCRM records and keeps your contacts in sync.

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    1:47 am January 9th, 2019 | share link

    Additional Update:
    After some time to get back to us, the vendor has been very helpful and co-operative overall. We have now had some time to use the product and we can report that the add-in actually works great and is really quite useful! I will provide additional feedback from our other beta testers in another week or so.

    The vendor has since responded and fixed the server-side problem with some of our licenses.
    Provided that there is support, this is a good product and does what it is intended to do.

    Original Feedback:
    The first problem was that this product does not support the SSL strong encryption recommendations here:

    Support did not initially answer any of my tickets so I had to troubleshoot this myself and found that I needed to relax the SSLCipherSuite configuration to talk to their cloud server, which is OK, but sub-optimal. In the long run, they will be updating their server, but that may take some time.

    After this glitch, we had this add-in working successfully for 8 days and then it would no longer sync and returned an Email stating:

    License Not Found
    Insufficient license to start synchronization

    Testing the license in settings shows that it is valid, and we also had 3 more weeks of free trial time on this license. Turns out it was a server side issue they resolved for us within the week.

    1. GrinMark member avatar

      GrinMark Provider

      3 years ago

      Hi Cam,

      We are sorry for the issues you had. We've indeed were slow to response (New Year chores).

      Regarding your issues: - Support for TLS 1.3 will be added soon - Licensing issue has been resolved - All payments are processed by the store, not by us

      As I see you were not charged any money so far as you are in trial period. If you are not satisfied with the results you can cancel the trial any time. I hope that helps.

      Regards, Max

      • cameronrussell member avatar

        Cam Russell

        3 years ago

        Thank you for getting back to us and fixing the problem.

        Provided that we have support, the product works great and we are otherwise happy with it, but of course that does not mean much if we have an issue that makes it so it doesn't work. We will continue with our trail, and provided that there is support, this is something we will recommend and use in our organization.

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    8:16 am May 24th, 2017 | share link

    Good integration but too expensive!
    If you would make cheaper, you could earn more money:-)

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  • "Additional Update: After some time to get back to us, the vendor has been very helpful and co-operative overall. We have now had some time to use the ..." - Cam Russell

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